Digital Abacus - "Digital Abacus"
(BNW/RIBO - 1998)

Now It Begins / My Love / Not Too Sure / The Wonders Of Technology / Laryngectomy /
Dear Sir / Stop The Humanity / Digital Abacus Manifesto / Digital Abacus Project 2

(Collaborators: Jason Polland and Joe Tepperman)

Download the complete album in mp3 format:
Digital Abacus (ZIP FILE)

Mr. Polland (l), and Mr. Tepperman (r).

Digital Abacus was a "proto-Nourishment" of sorts.

In 1997 Jason Polland and Joe Tepperman, mutual admirers of each others' works,
decided to collaborate by sending a 4-track tape back and forth through the mail.

They recorded an entire album together without meeting in person.

The first album was released on cassette. A second album was partially completed,
but abandoned when The Nourishment was formed.

The second project is included as well.

All Materials Copyright 1995-2010 Jason Polland.

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