Mental Rental - "Mooseheads From The World Beyond"
(BNW 004 - 1998)

Prelude / Mooseheads Theme Song / The Evil Plot Hatches In The Laboratory / Hero's Lament In The Park / Heroine Appears /
Degenerative Insults Of The Two Rivaling Fathers / Baboon Chorus #1 / Foreshadowing With Ethel / Strife In The Ranks /
The Techno Club / Baboon Chorus #2 / The Summoning

(Collaborators: Jason Polland and Kevin Hall)

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"Mooseheads From The World Beyond" was conceived as a full-length rock opera, although only about a third of it was recorded.
New listeners and long-time fans alike may be interested to read the full story.
Reproduced below is the original plot outline of "Mooseheads" in its entirety, written in 1997.


Grandiose Announcer

Mooseheads Theme Song
Featuring The Moosehead Chorus

The Evil Plot Hatches In The Laboratory
Antagonist - Dr. Hector Kopfkaese
Antagonist Assistant - Bernie Winkelberry

Hero's Lament In The Park
I - Hero Sings Of Rival Fathers Who Keep Him From His Love
Hero - Edward Ruckaford
II - Heroine Appears In Park At End Of Song Having Picked Up Her Poodle From Bernie's Shop
Heroine - Emma Jean Pile
III - Degenerative Insults Of The Two Fathers Who Discover Their Kids Together In The Park
Hero's Father - Buford Ruckaford
Heroine's Father - Hank Pile

Song Of The Two Baboons
Baboon 1
Baboon 2

Foreshadowing With Ethel
An old lady opens her refrigerator to get milk for her precious cats. Upon opening the door, she takes a whiff, and goes, "Whew! What's that smell?" and closes the door.
Old Lady - Ethel McGuire

Strife In The Ranks
Bernie Winkelberry is becoming frustrated with the way Dr. Kopfkaese treats him. He is also in love with Emma Jean, and while grooming poodles devises his plan to take control of the Moosehead ranks when they come. He wants to betray Dr. Kopfkaese and also use the Mooseheads to help him capture Emma Jean for his own.

Techno Club
Edward and Emma secretly meet at the local techhno dance club. They exclaim how wonderful it is to meet and make plans for the future to meet at the Mason-Dixon Lounge.

Baboon Interlude #2
The baboons discuss the story thus far.

The Summoning
Dr. Kopfkaese summons the Mooseheads from an alternate dimension. At the crucial moment, Bernie tries to take control, and the experiment goes haywire. The Mooseheads go berserk and destroy the laboratory, including the trans-dimensional summoning machine. Dr. Kopfkaese is accidentally sent to another dimension.

Mooseheads From The World Beyond
The Mooseheads launch a full-blown attack upon the city. Everything goes crazy as the Mooseheads go ballistic!

Baboon Interlude #3
The two baboons sing of the havoc being wreaked upon the city. They also mention that people are trying to live life as normal despite the invasion.

Ethel #2
Ethel goes for some more milk, and notices a slight green glow emerging from the refrigerator door.

Civil War Disco
M.C. Abe Lincoln spins the discs. General L.L. Cool Lee is the rival D.J. North in Blue Leisure Suits. South in Grey Leisure Suits. "We've decided to settle this in a different way!"

Mason-Dixon Lounge
Disco versions of "Dixie" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy" play. Edward and Emma Jean are spectators to the big dance war. Bernie shows up accompanied by Mooseheads and kidnaps Emma Jean. Edward realizes that he has to take matters into his own hands.

Grocery Store Sensei
Spiritual Guide - Oracle Of The Creamed Corn
Edward asks a friend for advice on where to begin his quest, and receives a cryptic message about eating canned goods. He travels to the supermarket where he discovers the Oracle, who explains the connection between Bernie and the Mooseheads, and that he has to break into the lab, repair the emergency retrieval equipment, and retrieve Dr. Kopfkaese, who is the only one with the technical expertise to send back the Mooseheads.

Edward's Inner Strength
Edward realizes his role in restoring peace and order, and realizes that everybody else is doing nothing. It's totally up to him!

Baboon Interlude #4
The baboons sing of Edward's hard work and library research in his efforts to learn how to repair the machine.

A Plot Complication
Secondary Villain - Sentient Can Of Spoiled Goat's Milk
The Goat's Milk explodes out of the refrigerator and begins to wreak havoc as well. The Spoiled Milk is a psychic embodiment of the Mooseheads' philosophy and a byproduct of their presence. It soon joins forces with them and leads their attack.

Bernie's Hideout
Bernie professes his love for Emma Jean, and she resists and loathes him. He explains that all this was done for her, and even offers her a discount for grooming her poodle. She is disgusted by him and longs for escape.

The Demolished Laboratory
Edward rebuilds the retrieval machine and has only one chance for it to work. He succeeds and Dr. Kopfkaese returns to the dimension. Dr. Kopfkaese laments his actions and tells of his enlightenment in the higher alternate dimension, and has truly changed for the better. Both Edward and Dr. Kopfkaese get to work rebuilding the equipment.

Baboon Interlude #5
Baboons sing praises of the diligent hard work of Kopfkaese and Edward.

Bernie's Dark Side
The Spoiled Goat's Milk joins forces with Bernie and converts him to the darker side. Bernie transmutates into something evil. Emma witnesses this and begins to fear him.

Moosehead Retrieval
Kopfkaese and Edward repair the machines and initiate the recall sequences. The Mooseheads are forced back into their own dimension. Edward thanks the doctor and sets off to Bernie's grooming shop to rescue Emma Jean. The Dr. leaves to start his own university of higher spiritual learning.

The Final Battle
I - Edward breaks into the shop and finds Bernie consorting with the Spoiled Goat's Milk. Emma is happy to see Edward but unable to help him. Edward quickly realizes the power of the Spoiled Goat's Milk and it is about to destroy him.
II - The Oracle of Creamed Corn appears and thwarts the Goat's Milk. A huge spiritual battle ensues between the two. Edward takes on Bernie but finds him more powerful. The Oracle tells Edward to look inside himself for deeper inner strength.
III - The Goat's Milk is destroyed but the Oracle is wounded. The Oracle retreats to recharge his strength and tells Edward that he can finish the battle alone. Edward works hard to defeat Bernie and succeeds.
IV - Edward and Emma are reunited and joyful. The battle is finally over and the world is safe again.

Edward brings Emma to her house. Her father answers the door and proclaims his blessing upon Edward and upon their relationship.

Baboon Finale
Baboons sing of the city rebuilding for a couple months.

Edward, Emma, and their two fathers are eating lunch at a restaurant. They congratulate Edward and Emma on their upcoming wedding, and also proclaim that they will both join forces to create the most powerful baboon-training corporation ever. Hooray!

All Materials Copyright 1995-2010 Jason Polland.

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