The Nourishment - "Not Tonight Honey, I've Got... The Nourishment"
(BNW 010 - 2001)

Character Beard / O / My Bathroom Smells Like Food / Do The Food / The Sex / I Think About You When I Eat Food /
Man Of Visions / All My Explosives Are Turning Into Food / It's Okay For Dead People To Have Sex With Other Dead People /
Melts In Your Mouth / Blackened Heart / Brain Rape / Gasoline... Your Arm! / When I Grow Up I Want To Be Food /
A Cat Named Food / Dirt Cocoon / I Think About You When I Eat Food (Reprise) / Save Yourself / I've Got To Go / Continental Breakfast

Collaborators: Jason Polland and Joe Tepperman
Guest Musicians: Aaron Cohen (drums), David Cline (guitar/violin), Andrew Durkin (keyboard)
Guest Vocalists: Laura Ritter, Eyegor Victrola, Will Ferrer
Cover Artist: B.C. Sterrett

Download the complete album in mp3 format:
Not Tonight Honey, I've Got... The Nourishment (ZIP FILE)

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