Archbishop Jason Polland - "Precious Futility III"
(BNW 042 - 2018)

Neverafter Brave New Weird / Deus Polka / God Is Raising An Army / Starward Go I / The Cynocephalic Paradox /
Dreamt 2011-12-08 / Saint Nasim / A Kinder, Gentler Human Extermination / Resignation Tendered / Ostinato

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Neverafter Brave New Weird
Few will ever visit
Fewer still will even care
But at least I built it
The effort is all that matters
The decrepitude is all that remains
My mausoleum
My creation
My entombment
My eschatology
Neverafter Brave New Weird

I am either forging the future, or paying for the past;
I cannot tell which

Your sacrifice was insufficient in the Eye of God
You will die one thousand times, but only live once
If your Dreams are dead, rescue their fate from the Plutonian Gate
As Salt to Sulphur to Mercury, rise above the sea
When black tendrils shroud your soul, redouble effort toward your goal
If years have passed in static state, while you still breathe it's not too late
Let not your Dreams cremate at the Plutonian Gate
Every thing you cannot have, but any thing's within your grasp
Choose and do the work for free, and the Universe will see

With tears streaming down my face, I heard the Call:
God is Raising an Army

Our civilization is in peril
Complacency led to blindness
Evil has opened the gates
Rise from your slumber
Fight or perish
The final hour has arrived

They will kill you for your farmland
But they cannot maintain agriculture
They will laugh as you give them food and shelter
And then they will slit your throats

Your kindness will not save you
Your reason will not save you
Your tolerance will not save you
Your women will not save you

Wake up, Western Man!
YOU are the Steward of Civilization
Only you can repel the darkness
Only you can visit the Stars

An outcast, a nobody, a lone wolf, a hermit
But then I heard the Call
Terrified, confused, overwhelmed
But I must serve
God is Raising an Army

Starward go I, adrift in the Ocean of Time, transcend the Salty bindings
Use the machines which command my attention, demand my obsession
I want to drown in the sanctity of sound
Commune with the million worlds of which I now merely glimpse
Lost the connection with the twisted divine which burned in my mind
Reignite the spark the size of a quark, my consciousness will Burn As Stars

"We will entertain you, with all the famous stars
Celebrities are heroes, worthy of applause
Give us all your secrets, we'll store them in a box
We want to know you better, we'd love to hear your thoughts
We'll give you special medicine to help your mind behave
Regain concentration when you're busy playing games
We give entertainment, everything you need
You deserve amusement, no reason to leave."

"Perpetual amusement awaits! The algorithms have been tweaked just for YOU!
And all you have to do is press a button, and stare... FOREVER!"

Don't do it! If you fall in, you'll never get out! It's a trap!

My body fell apart, and it's affected my heart, and my arms stopped working and my legs fell off
In my sedentary sin, I neglected my shell, consuming all, producing nothing, falling into Hell
My mind was a mess, but now I confess, I cast out all the cognitive dissonance

Break the conditioning! You will never defeat us! RAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH!

The Briny Octopus has many sticky tentacles, but you must Rise to the surface like the Mercurial Platypus
Come on, let's go! Ganbare! Stay focused--- you can do it!

"We author the guidelines, obey with all your heart
We make decisions for you, life's too short for thought
Watch our funny Night-time Clowns, they teach you what to think
Cleverly repeat their jokes, then pour another drink
No need for improvement, you're perfect as you are
If you experience problems, it's someone else's fault."

Don't listen; they're lying to you!

Wish to ascend, sweetest voices serenading, elation, cuteness perfection
Hold my trembling, withered hand, take me to Kawaii-Land (doki-doki)
Through sheer will, my mind will expand, I will stand and use my ears like a man

"Buy this device!" --- No.
"Watch our talk shows!" --- No!
"Vote for our candidates!" --- Never!
"Sign up to our new website!" --- No!
"Read our recommended articles!" --- No, I won't!
"Pay attention to us!" --- No!
"Pay attention to us!" --- Die, Beast! I won't take your mark!

Never lose the wonder

I set out on Saint John's Day to meet the east-bound missionary caravan
The good folk tended bone-fires
To dissuade dragons from poisoning our rivers with their amorous ejaculations
I contemplated, during my perambulations, monstrous races of the East
Giants, pygmies... monopods shading themselves with their feet
I was troubled most by the Cynocephali who bark and eat human flesh, yet wear clothes and toil the fields
Are they beasts, or descendents of Adam?
If they are men, I must administer the Gospel of Christ
If they are beasts, Baptism would be a sin

Sickness overtook us, and in my fever-dreams I received Three Holy Visitations
Saint William of Norwich shows me the treeless forest
Where a perfidious tribe of magicians weave illusions of shadow and light
To destroy the minds of Good Christians
Little Saint Hugh shows Christendom fallen to Moors and Saracens
While the Black Pope reigns over the Holy See
Saint Christopher gave the most terrifying vision of all:
Terrible earthquakes decimated the land
The Sun did not move in the sky
Earth-fire poured from Hell
The winds were so fierce that man and beast were shredded into ribbons
While a great flood washed over the land
And grazing beasts were frozen with plants still in their jaws
I asked Saint Christopher, "Is this Noah's Flood? Or Revelations?"
Saint Christopher replied, "This is the Inexorable Clockwork of the Heavens."

DREAMT 2011-12-08
Put skin on a soul to make it a man

Do you dare
To be one in a million?
Flower ice cream, heart cookie necklace
She could show you hidden things
God Bless Saint Nasim
She brought a message of peace and love
Humanity will never reach the Stars unless we stop eating meat
We can't have slaughterhouses in space ships!
We must evolve
In life, she protected animals
In death, she protected free speech
Nasim returned to the Stars

Wash down those glyphosate cakes with a tall glass of fluoridated Atrazine-Aid
As fertility and IQ race neck-in-neck to Zero
If you accidentally perpetuate the Human Race
Rush down to your local fetus-furnace-heated abortuary
To exercise a Woman's Right To Eugenic Self-Extermination
Adult entertainers are standing by
At preschools nationwide
To spay and neuter your kids at story-time
The Night Clown said, "That man is bad"
The audience clapped, so it must be true
The propaganda arm of the criminal corporate elite would never lie to me
And as our liberties are systematically stripped away
Brainwashed kids are protesting shadows in the cave
The kids are chanting: "Real gulags have never been tried before"
Flu shot, flu shot, gotta get a flu shot
"Safe and effective! Safe and effective! SQUAWK!"

Hey little sweetie, slide on over here
So I can violate your community guidelines
Madness sets in at a furious pace
I tend my resignation to the human race
Haters gonna hate, as blood flows down the interstate
And as the roads run red, I'm reminded of you
I'm gonna kick open your door, take off all of my clothes
And roll around all over your Safe Space
Roll around, my naked body covered in mustard, all over your Safe Space
I'm literally shaking
Someone had a different opinion than me and now I'm literally shaking

The tattered curtain falls in a heap
No audience in the rotting seats
Concert hall condemned before the debut
Ghost town evacuated decades ago
And as my body collapses into dust
I live a life that no-one hears
Neverafter Brave New Weird

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