2024-03-03 12:00am (?)
Awoke, probably after midnight, from the distinct sensation of something small (like a cat) walking atop my bed. I felt the "paws" gingerly taking a step or two toward me, and had the vague impression that it was staring straight at me, although I saw nothing. I told it to follow the path of Light, and that there was still a chance for it to redeem itself and develop a love for all that is Good and True. Then I went back to sleep.

2024-02-22 2:00pm (?) (afternoon, daylight)
Startled awake by the roaring, rumbling noise of something loud flying overhead through the sky; in my instantaneous dream-waking state, was convinced that the city was under attack from nuclear missiles, and felt total despair that Western Civilization was over. Looked out the window, could not see whatever was in the sky, but its cacophonous roar could be heard for minutes afterward. What was it? Went back to sleep, woke up at 8pm or so, still feel the residual dread from this strange event.

2023-12-31 6:10pm
Dreamt a tall, balding, pot-bellied man with a three-foot syringe full of red liquid was wandering around the neighborhood, injecting something into all of the dogs. He tried to enter my house to vaccinate my dogs; I told him to get out; he made excuses that it was "just standard procedure"; I told him I would kill him if he didn't leave.

2023-12-12 9:20am
Dreamt of walking with a girl, joking and laughing, arms around each other, watching the total collapse of civilization; the color around us was deep blue. "Do you want to watch more?" I asked; she was a little hesitant; it felt as if we were binge-watching a TV series, but it was real life. We found ourselves at the top of wide stairs descending into the ground, like the entrance to a subway tunnel; the colors were orange and yellow; a man in a drab-green jacket was down below, engaged in chaos.

2023-12-08 4:30am
Dreamt of a path through the woods that terminated at a round clearing. Two small wooden houses stood in the clearing, about 40 feet away from each other: on the right lived a man who took care of his elderly mother; on the left lived a large brown rabbit about five feet tall. The man's mother had convinced him that the rabbit was evil, and consequently the man would not speak to his neighbor. The man consumed handfuls of small shadow entities before going to work each day at a factory; I told him, "I don't think you're supposed to eat those." The ground was cursed with a malevolence which I attempted to exorcise, to no avail; apparently I did not have the Right to remove it.

2023-11-28 11:00pm
Dreamt of visiting my parents at a house where African workmen wandered all over the place. My mother asked me, "Isn't it a little strange that they spent so long inspecting the inside of the house, when they're only here to work on the backyard patio?" A pair of lions and a tiger were in the backyard; asked my father why such dangerous animals were there; "Oh, the workers just need to leave them here for a few days, then they'll be gone," he replied; I yelled at him that these animals could easily kill somebody, plus they're illegal to own. A workman bumbled through the kitchen with an open barrel of water, spilling it all over the floor, intentionally causing a distraction. Walked out to the front yard; a large dog emerged from the back and started chasing me; ran to a suite of industrial offices at the end of the street; front doors locked; flimsy curtains in the back opened to dark concrete rooms; instead chose to climb a pile of large crates and shipping containers to get away from the animal. LATER, dreamt I was submerged underwater in a darkened basement, either at the bottom of a pool, or a flooded room. A black shadow figure with red eyes and a long cloak manifested and rose from the pool; I also pulled myself from the water, with a sopping wet blanket draped over my shoulders. Went upstairs to find the alzheimer's-ridden President sitting in a living room with others.

2023-11-02 6:30am
Dreamt I walked through a familiar city, and spotted a former band mate pushing two baby strollers down a sidewalk, on the other side of a hedge. I intersected toward him, pushed my way through the shrubbery, and said, "Hey _____! What's up?" As soon as he recognized me, he muttered, "Oh my god," and continued staring straight ahead as he pushed the strollers past me. I wandered into a large bookshop, and inside, I saw this same person sitting at a little cafe table chatting with another former band mate. I exited the building inconspicuously.

2023-09-20 (or thereabouts after September 14)
Dreamt of sitting at the computer desk, and laying on the bed to my immediate right was a particular pale girl, with a deeply-tanned clone of herself perched above her. Both were completely unaware of my presence, and I knew that if I tried to make contact, she would disappear. I spoke her name, "A_____", and the two girls vanished.

2023-09-03 10:00am
Dreamt (?) I heard the anguished sounds of men and women screaming and wailing, right before I awoke. This is the second day in a row this was experienced.

2023-07-18 5:00am
Dreamt of a malevolent face that was covered in small grey scales, like the bony armor covering certain animals. Only saw it for a few seconds, but the encounter was enough to awaken me.

2023-06-09 10:15am
Dreamt a sequence of equations/actions/concepts/events that repeated over and over, endlessly. It was nightmarish, awoke me after only four hours of sleep, and felt Ahrimanic in nature: scientific and obsessive, like a machine in a perpetual loop.

2023-06-08 7:15pm
Dreamt I had moved to an old building converted into a boarding house: at least 20 rooms, some with six to eight beds each. My room was private. A repairman appeared searching for the tenant who needed their radio repaired; I inquired in the various rooms, but most people were sleeping; accidentally climbed out of the building and found myself outside at night; had to walk half a block to get back to the entrance; rats the size of footballs darted from holes and crannies in the buildings to my right; had to levitate myself above the sidewalk to avoid them. Ended up in a large, empty parking lot, where my truck had been stored; encountered a friend and played my newest song for them over headphones; could see the structure of my song: three concentric cylinders turning at different rates. Awoke, contemplated the bright and loud song for ten minutes, then it slipped away into the ether.

2023-05-18 3:30am
Dreamt a mundane dream that ended with a frantic search for a misplaced cell phone. I had a similar dream a few days ago, and this is strange because cell phones are not a part of my life. I own one, but it sits in a drawer, and gets used maybe once per year.

2023-05-12 10:30pm
Dreamt many mundane dreams of traveling around, until I was in a run-down hotel room. Heard a strange noise, looked outside the window to the cars parked below; the scene zoomed out and I could see two horses galloping on opposite sides of the city block, coming closer. Heard a spectral, wheezing sort of whinnying outside; looked out the door to see not a horse, but a Chinese man with empty, white eyes, wearing a sort of backpack harness, in which sat a Chinese child who was riding the man like a horse. The child rider wore a loincloth. Closed the door immediately, did not want to be seen; the rider strolled in front of the windows; I turned off a light in the room, not wanting to be seen; the rider spotted me, stared at me, reached his arm through the window; I retreated behind the door of the back room, but his arm stretched across the room and kept the door from closing. He pulled me into the main room again; I asked what he wanted; he handed me a large lumpy pumice stone, shaped like a deflated football; I asked, "What is this?", he replied, "A rock"; I asked "Why?"; he replied, "When you have five minutes to escape your room to help the innocents, will you know who the innocents are?" He left, and I called for him to return, to no avail. I awoke, contemplated this strange dream for a while, then returned to sleep. I was in the hotel room again, but could discover nothing more, except that none of the light switches worked.

2023-05-02 6:00am (?)
Dreamt of a ceaselessly-repeating discussion or argument about Ahriman, that continually filled my mind like a computer running a loop. Awoke physically distressed and confused, to the sound of gusts of wind, and something like a screeching cat or baby outside; looked out the window to see a dark world barely glowing with the faintest hint of pre-dawn light; a small white animal, probably a cat, cautiously ran across the neighbor's yard, while faint red light glowed from their curtains. The entire experience was disorienting, as if I had entered Hell, where God's light glows as faintly as the Sun's light on Pluto. It felt like I had entered a demonic realm that secretly resides within our own physical world.

2023-04-26 10:30am
Dreamt that a new "Star Wars" film had expanded the iconic robot duo of R2-D2 and C3P0 to include a third robot, which was literally just a fat black woman in a polygonal costume and a mask that vaguely resembled an Easter Island moai head. This third "droid" was introduced in a hiphop dance routine, and had the ability to walk on all fours, which made her look like a cow. We all laughed and shouted, "Why? Why do they constantly do this?"

2023-04-05 3:00pm
Was startled awake by the sensation of something gently brushing across my forehead.

2023-04-04 3:30pm
Dreamt I was in "my" bedroom (a pastiche of various homes). A brick tunnel of white-painted cinder blocks, which had not previously existed, extended through the drywall behind my bed, about ten feet deep, to an unknown black door, although I knew my walls were not that thick; another black door was imbedded in the right-hand wall of the tunnel. Left my room to enter the main section of the house, which was deserted, except for a large note affixed to a door, in a strange feminine handwriting, supposedly from "Polly". The message was disordered and incoherent, but I knew this stranger had entered my house. I explored the empty living rooms and kitchen, heard three loud knocks, and was immediately awake.

2023-03-21 6:00am
Dreamt I was in an underground complex, in a single concrete room with a low ceiling and drab furniture: a bed, and a low couch with a small adjacent table on the left. On the table were old newspapers: one with the headline of JFK's assassination, one or two others from 30 or 40 years prior, proclaiming different murders. Upon awakening, I realized this was the answer to my previous night's question of where murderers end up in Hell: confined to such a room, with a reminder of their crimes, and little else. Being in the room, I could sense that whoever dwelt there was afraid to leave, for fear of punishment; and so they were both prisoner and jailer.

2023-03-11 9:00pm
Dreamt I was resting in bed in a hotel or apartment. Perpendicular to me was a bed containing an ugly couple--- like the dysgenic, 80-IQ people one might encounter at Walmart: fat, with greasy unkempt hair and sickly pale brown skin, not of any definable race, possibly mentally retarded but not quite at a Down's Syndrome level. I was watching a photograph on a shelf, which was emitting audio. The woman, wearing just a tattered shirt, jumped from her bed and noisily walked past, opened the front door, approached a metal supporting pole directly outside, rubbed her bare crotch on the pole while looking back at me; then just as abruptly, she walked back inside, hopped into bed to cuddle with her male counterpart, and they both watched me expectantly. I was disgusted and annoyed by the whole ordeal. Upon awakening, I realized these ridiculous creatures are the spirits who foster unwanted feelings of lust and physical desire in humans. Contrary to popular portrayals of sultry, alluring succubi, the real spirits who whisper such temptations are grotesque and stupid, corresponding perfectly with the base desires which they represent.

2023-03-09 6:00pm (? - possibly the 10'th at 8pm)
Dreamt the Statue of Liberty fell, face-first, into the ocean, and lay there in the water, like a tenuous bridge. It was too dangerous to try walking across. Then, I was much larger, and was able to pick the statue back up, and press it into its base to make it upright again.

2022-12-23 10:00am
Dreamt of a dig site, excavating an ancient structure that was covered in ice. A co-worker told me that 500 million people had just died in a particular event. "Five hundred million?" I repeated incredulously. "That's half a billion people!"

2022-11-24 6:30am
Dreamt that an extensive kill-team swept through a massive building complex, systematically exterminating people, then removing evidence of the team's handiwork, spraying and scraping the floors with pressurized liquid. The deaths would be blamed upon an imaginary disease. Later, encountered my sister, tried to tell her about the fraudulent use of the PCR Test, and she ran across the courtyard, crawled up an ivy-covered wall, broke slats off a ventilation cover, and climbed into the shaft to get away. I followed, looked through the vent, and saw her in another room playing with puppies as if nothing had happened. I interpret this dream as a sign that she can not be reached and will actively run away from any truth presented to her.

2022-01-25 6:30pm
Dreamt of an obelisk, a thousand feet high, with an image of a sacred goddess (similar to the Virgin Mary) painted at the top, and her multi-colored robes flowed all the way down to the base. This obelisk was at the center of a city, with a vast cobblestone courtyard around it. The obelisk fell, face-first, crashing onto the ground; the sides were at least two stories high when compared to people standing next to it; it was so tall that it stretched across the city center, beyond view. I had never witnessed anything so large and violent before and immediately awoke. It should be noted that the dream prior to this involved getting lost in a maze of storefronts and watching a "lost" Marx Brothers movie in a Chinese restaurant, but these were "typical" dreams, while the obelisk dream felt more "real" and was very shocking.

2021-10-02 7:30pm
Dreamt I was at some sort of modern church. The entire congregation was dressed in off-white and pastel blue, but I was dressed in a black suit, with red shirt and shoes. My mother incessantly nagged that the outfit was inappropriate. The priest appeared, entranced the congregants, crawled around on top of a fat bald man, and singled me out because I could see he was evil. Next, I found myself in an adjacent room; the congregation were all gone. Two giant curtains stood on opposite sides of the auditorium, and I was expected to pass through one or the other, but I chose neither.

2021-09-19 9:45am
Dreamt of a cave with homes submerged in a vast pool; I swam across the surface to look at the buildings below, but did not go beneath the surface.

2021-09-18 1:30pm
Dreamt I was assigned to disguise myself as a waiter and deliver a cake to a certain politician. The dark, underground city was confusing to navigate, and the ruling class celebration was held in a small, unremarkable room with few attendees. Afterward I fled, climbing higher and higher to escape the subterranean metropolis; saw thousands of neon-lit apartments stacked high in the darkness, nearly indistinguishable from one another, the inhabitants little more than dolls.

2021-09-17 10:00am
Dreamt I had lost an irreplaceable 16'th century alchemy book. Panicked when I realized the book had been removed from the restaurant table at which I was sitting, and knew that I should engage the staff immediately to recover the book, but strangely, I did nothing.

2021-04-01 7:30pm
Dreamt of the cataclysm aftermath: land washed over with silt, then covered in snow, so that no trace of roads remained. In an empty neighborhood, a single house was occupied: a man with a pallet of car batteries had light, a radio, and power tools. Listening for news, he indicated things were not good. Outside on the balcony, a field below was filled with dozens of cats who lost their owners. Among them were white cat-sized creatures with large bulbous eyes, cat-like ears, and a bat-like body. Unknown if they were predatory or dangerous; at casual glance they blended in with the cats.

2021-03-07 (?)
Dreamt I was within a walled city at night. Two large creatures, both resembling a giraffe in the shape of an elephant, ran toward me, picked me up, and placed me on a platform atop the city walls; not aggressively, but their actions implied I did not belong there. A commotion broke out on the street below, where I had been.

2021-03-04 6:00pm
Dreamt a gravelly, metallic voice spoke one word: "Waterlake". Woke up.

2021-01-25 7:00pm
Dreamt a politician and his shrill, cackling assistant were speaking on a live webstream, when a man off-screen suddenly shouted, "You dead, cheatin' muddafugga!" and shot the politician. Although the assassin was audibly black, the politician used his dying breath to tell the webcam audience, "Look out, it's a White supremacist!"

2020-10-15 10:00am
Dreamt of walking down the street with a shy girl who only ate fruit. A mutilated, one-eyed black panther appeared. It swiped at the girl and circled us. Shielded the girl, moved toward a truck, put her inside the cab; looked for a weapon, found none; decided to steal the truck to drive away.

2020-10-12 12:00pm
Dreamt of a bountiful harvest. Dug up scores of potatoes, turnips, and other items from the garden.

2020-10-11 8:30am
Dreamt I stayed in a house that was not my own. Televisions displayed static in every room. A female companion wanted to stay, but I insisted we leave, as we did not live there. Our clothes and belongings were submerged in small containers of water. Went to the garage to disembark, only to find my car being loaded onto a tow-truck. "You're guilty of a dimensional covid violation," said the driver.

2020-10-02 8:45pm
Dreamt of a world in which nothing worked properly. Light bulbs faded out moments after being switched on. People were imprisoned by other people in makeshift cages. Nothing was enjoyable; everything was serious, political, humorless.

2020-09-25 2:00pm
Dreamt I lived in a communal setting; walked out to the kitchen as a female roommate returned home; as I prepared food, she became friendly; pushed herself into my arms and whispered "smash it already"; I kissed her and she screamed, "What are you doing?!"; looking up, a homely, more frantic version of her sat on the counter top yelling at me, while in my arms was her body without a head.

2020-07-29 12:30pm
Dreamt of wandering wide, empty corridors of a college. Someone inquired my purpose; explained I was enrolled in an alchemy class where books are printed and bound on demand. Later, heard a commotion; peeked out the windows; an aggressive, half-nude black man was outside, banging on the walls and shouting incoherently.

2020-07-27 11:30am
Dreamt our team decided to explore the beach on Mars. Exited the vehicle, climbed down the rocks to the shore; the pebbles were green, blue-grey, orange, and red. Cool, wet mist met our faces as the ocean came into view. Breathing became difficult; asked if anyone had brought oxygen canisters, but they had not; it was time to leave.

2020-07-11 4:20pm
Dreamt a fat guy, attacked by a giant turkey, begged me for help; gave him a ride into town. The wide back of his white t-shirt was covered in small blood spots. Next thing I know, fatty is at my computer: installed a different OS, normie chat applications, Chinese spy bloatware, visiting porn sites on some invasive Google browser. Somehow, he's been doing this for hours. I yell at him, tell him to leave, try to restore the computer. A man comes up the driveway, carrying a plastic bag, claims he's selling cigarettes; he keeps moving closer and I keep my distance; tell him I'm not interested; go inside. A moment later a large van backs up into the driveway; guy with a fake beard demands to "speak to the owner of the house"; tell him the owner isn't here; I don't shut the door in time; one of them gets into the house.

2020-06-19 7:40pm
Dreamt a spirit masqueraded as a man, a computer programmer. I sensed what the others did not, and exposed its ruse by demanding it calculate "25 times 25"; it made excuses and changed the subject; I demanded it calculate "5 times 25", which it could not. I banished the spirit for its lies.

2020-05-28 8:00pm
Fitful, restless sleep after an entire night composing; body felt mildly tortured by electric pulses. Dreamt an adversarial consortium were enraged because I stopped paying attention to their machinations. Tall, indistinct, and faded yellow, they demanded I watch their contrived, engineered events in the mundane world. They needed my manufactured anger, and I refused to participate.

2020-05-24 4:30pm
Dreamt a six-foot-tall hammer and an oblong wooden box floated toward us in a courtyard. We fired shots, to no avail. The hammer pivoted upright and settled against the wall behind me. I hacked at its wooden handle with an axe; in splitting the handle, a weak metallic panel in the wall was bashed in the process; a torrent of viscous, brown and red goo poured out of the wall. I sensed the box wanted to settle in that foul tomb, and my attack had inadvertently helped.

2020-05-15 11:00am
Dreamt a neighboring family ate dinner in their backyard; all sat at a table, except the daughter, who wandered around the yard on all-fours; her limbs were elongated, but she wore typical clothes, hair and make-up; she approached the fence and looked up at me with a dull, curious expression, more like an animal than a human being.

2020-05-04 11:30pm
Dreamt the government issued a device called "ATAXIA" to all citizens. The device told a story about a house while subliminally inducing the user to commit suicide. Use of the device was compulsory.

2020-04-12 6:00am
Dreamt a man collected several gallons of earthworms in a plastic bucket, only to dump them all over his living room floor, which was a grass lawn. On a couch, I arranged small figures on a cake, then took a photo, to be used as the cover of a remix album.

2020-03-11 4:00pm
Dreamt of a plastic chord organ that was powered not by air, but by liquid chocolate.

2020-01-19 7:00pm
Dreamt I was sitting inside my car, in the driveway, on a rainy night. A dark figure with face obscured, unaware of my presence, piled up dirt in the yard and transformed it into a woman. I exited the vehicle, the man saw me and fled, and I helped the drenched, disoriented woman to shelter beneath the porch.

2019-11-18 5:00am
Dreamt a disheveled, crazed, dreadlocked vagrant ran alongside my car, wiggling his long, filthy fingers, trying to cast a hex upon me. The car began to levitate, and I awoke feeling smothered.

2019-11-10 1:30am
Dreamt a former girlfriend tricked me into meeting her. To my shock, both of her roommates were dead, submerged in bathtubs; she refused to call emergency services, despite my insistence. Tried to dial 911, but the flip phone kept malfunctioning, dialing different numbers. Outside, tried to flag down police cars and ambulances, to no avail. Walked onto a highway just to get away from her. In the end, police came, bodies were removed, and she was arrested, and somehow the property became mine.

2019-11-04 7:00pm
Dreamt of wandering through a darkened building. No light-switch worked. I found a flashlight, it did not work. A pen-light did not work. A laser-pointer did not work. Numerous other lanterns, lamps, and flashlights did not work, or would only produce a faint light for an instant before dying. I lay down on the floor of a larger version of my studio. Something warm nuzzled up against me, like an enormous dog. I pulled its head up to look at it; it was an elongated deer; it then stretched out about eleven feet and lay back down to sleep. My first thought was that I would be covered in ticks if I slept next to this creature, so I woke up.

2019-10-28 1:45pm
Dreamt I packed up all my things and moved across the country to share an apartment with a friend. Laying in bed, in the apartment, I realized I had made a huge mistake, and should have stayed at home.

2019-10-20 4:00am
Dreamt a friend had applied a time-travel equation to a field-emitter. He used the device on me; for about ten seconds it felt as though I were moving through molasses; when it ended, five hours had passed. I was concerned what effect this would have on the human body.

2019-10-15 11:00pm
Dreamt I oversaw and monitored the evolution of a species over the course of several hundred years. To my surprise, a colleague said I had a paycheck waiting for me. Opened the envelope; the amount was $112.

2019-09-29 6:45am
Dreamt a communist from Vermont was strung up on stage. I told the agitated crowd that although he was a liar, a grifter, an embezzler, and a traitor, it was nonetheless my job to administer the Eucharist. When the communion wafer touched his lips, it became defiled, covered in dust, dirt, and hair. Later, a huge man with a curved metal hook in place of his left middle finger chased and grabbed me; I pried a tool against the hook and bent it into a straight spear; I said, "What they must have done to you as a child," and the giant's demeanor changed; the struggle was over.

2019-09-27 12:30am
Dreamt I ran into a girl I knew in high school, and she invited me to her house. She wanted to reminisce and catch up, mentioning names of all these different people; I had no idea who they were, because I never think about school. She kept implying it was time for me to leave, while leading me deeper into the house; upstairs, she closed a door and lay down on a bed. The door had a small, vertical glass window embedded in it, and the outside curtain kept moving aside, as if some unseen person were spying on us. Looking at the girl in the dim light, I could see tendrils of smoke rising from her eyes and mouth. I asked, "Are you smoking?" and she did not respond. A loud crackling noise filled my ears, and I was startled awake.

2019-09-26 12:15am
Dreamt of a southern California town; on the way to my car, met a simple brown girl who was lost; offered her a ride home; roads were torn up, cars were not staying in their lanes; turned a corner to drive down a long hill, gargantuan waves swept over the valley; the entire town was flooded, worse than a tsunami; car was already a third underwater, managed to turn it around, told one of the two simple brown girls to shut the passenger door (she thought it would let out the water); drove up to the highest mountaintop in town; dropped the three simple brown girls off at their car (one could drive apparently); entered a building; in the lobby, George Washington said: "I'm worth billions; nobody misses those millions of dollars now. Those diseases didn't just come from nowhere." Upstairs, in a dark hallway, used a key to open a door to my apartment which exists in a self-contained space.

2019-09-21 3:30pm
Dreamt four friends were thirsty, so we crossed the street into a cemetery to find a water fountain. Entered a building; met a security guard in the long corridor; autopsies were being performed everywhere; turning right, we found a metal pan on the ground containing cross-sections of an organ, surrounded by greasy splatter droplets as if it had been tossed carelessly onto the floor; donned a lab coat to blend in; told everyone to touch no surface; one friend fainted; another friend discovered fetuses are human and realized in a panic that abortion is a satanic worldwide child-sacrifice ritual; as we found the exit, I wondered at the necessity of autopsy, and a friend replied it's only for fat people to measure their diseased, bloated organs.

2019-09-18 4:45pm
Dreamt of living in some sort of motel; four little white dogs showed up, each with a different colored collar representing a famous synthesizer; each had a unique style of fur, one looked like curled wood shavings; they ran to a field and played soccer.

2019-09-17 5:40pm
Dreamt of driving across a lake on a stone bridge; the bridge grew narrower and narrower, until the car fell into the water; the car sank surprisingly fast; shoved the door open, swam up through the freezing, murky dark water toward the surface; climbed onto a cement pylon which supported the bridge, found a secret room containing a steamer trunk; someone had been living here, somehow. Later, toured with a festival; someone else handled the equipment; when I opened my accordion case, it was filled with trash and the accordion was gone.

2019-09-09 10:45am
Dreamt of visiting a flat, two-story brick facade which belonged to Cardiacs. Listened to one of their LP's, discovered a previously-unheard long, noisy song. A construction crane came, seemingly to demolish the facade; we all ran away; but the crane expanded the facade outwards, like a bellows, to form a large brick manor. Next door lived the "Ultimate Musician" and I was very confused whether or not this was also Tim Smith; but upon waking reflection, it must have been Bach.

2019-09-04 4:45am
Dreamt of a discussion with two co-workers in the breakroom: a furry dog, and a digital chicken. Both were sentient but seemed to be avatars of some sort; mixed powdered chocolate in bowls of water for them. Later, entered a subterranean tunnel lined with darkened tents on both sides, looking for a butcher named the "Health Sprayer". Found him as he slit the throat of an animal (human?), conducting ritual sacrifice.

2019-09-01 12:00am
Dreamt I had two apartments in the same building. One had a front door about three feet high. The key for the normal-sized door broke in the lock, so I had to unlock the small door, and crawl through a puddle of rainwater to get inside.

2019-08-29 9:00pm
Dreamt of driving across a bridge with a 45-degree gradient which climbed hundreds of feet into the air, like a skyscraper. At the crossing's completion, an earthquake collapsed the bridge and all outgoing highway infrastructure, and I was trapped in California. Bought some bean buns from a Japanese market and plotted my escape route. Later (?), played back old records at a friend's broadcast studio and realized I didn't care about the music anymore.

2019-08-27 7:20pm
Dreamt Jewish college students eagerly discussed an upcoming "beautiful" ritual; attended out of curiosity: a long, wide, dimly-lit theatre; sat in the front row of the second block of seats; priests wandered between the aisles, holding ceremonial poles. People saw I was not one of them and switched seats or rows to get further away; something sinister happened in the upper tier of the theatre, above the exits. Later, donned an oddly colorful outfit: blue pants with dark blue floral pattern; a dark multi-colored vest, a powder-blue tuxedo shirt, and a black coat with grey piping. An asian stalker followed me into a public bathroom, clung to my arm, asked if I was on a social media site "BookIt" where she had posted videos of me; I said I did not use social media, and tried to get away. Outside, crowds filled the complex and lined the edges of a deep trench which contained train tracks; could not push through the people; jumped down into the dirt trench, followed the tracks to escape.

2019-08-24 5:00pm
Dreamt of pouring a jar of spaghetti sauce into a pan while crossing the street in a Californian town; I was trying to make dinner while walking to an appointment. Browsed a record shop. Wandered through towering, deserted glass corridors. A middle-school boy demanded to know why I wore a button with a left-wing slogan on it; I explained it was also a right-wing slogan, and he smiled. [Note: This was the pleasant California of twenty years ago, not the rats/feces/disease California of today.]

2019-08-21 2:00pm
Dreamt of organizing a bookshelf which covered the entire wall of a room. Noticed one space was especially tall, removed the shelf; discovered a recessed, tiled tunnel, like an oblong shower; further back, the tunnel connected to a dark, cavernous warehouse. A doorway on the right led to a darker, dirtier, rat-infested warehouse; a bulbous red spider-like creature, about the size of two cantaloupes stuck together, scurried to attack; I found a small hatchet; tried to cut it in half.

2019-08-07 12:15am
Dreamt of endless war. Lived in a back room filled with several old computer systems. Lights barely worked. Felt like endless streams of news, philosophy, war strategy, commentators, and information were downloaded directly into my brain.

2019-07-28 1:45pm
Dreamt I purchased collectible shoes, then realized it was idiotic because shoes naturally get destroyed over time. Later, disembarked from a bus in Los Angeles and realized I was completely lost with no map to return home.

2019-07-24 8:41pm
Dreamt we debunked the lies of a "journalist" and ridiculed her in person. A group of acquaintances revealed their new car: a grey 4-door jeep with old-fashioned doors and windows; artwork in a panel along the top read, "Satan's Candy". I went to a sink, drew a glass of water, knelt down, made the Sign of the Cross, and consecrated it as Holy Water; returned to the car, made the Sign of the Cross, improvised a loud prayer to God to remove any trace of malice or evil from the car, and splashed water atop it; some onlookers clapped. One of the car's owners, clearly irritated, exclaimed, "I don't know what fantasy world you live in, but you've clearly lost it." I responded in mocking sing-song voice, "You're pissed I blessed the car-rrrr, you're pissed I blessed the car-rrrr!" as the crowd laughed. Continued, in a mocking high voice: "We named our super-edgy car after Satan, and we put Charlie Manson on the glovebox."

2019-07-24 3:00am
Dreamt there was a White nationalist bookshop across the street from my apartment, which I had never noticed before. It contained a strange assortment of used and tattered books. Teenagers were fighting each other in the aisles. I found an archaic tome by one William Foster Wallace which I had apparently been looking for.

2019-07-23 9:30am
Dreamt I purchased an SS uniform and wore it to visit an old friend, only to find his house had been converted into an asian bordello and no trace of his whereabouts could be discovered.

2019-06-12 12:20pm
Dreamt restless dreams of Hell, where everything was base and physical; scrambled back and forth, operating machines made of living flesh; could only see things directly in front of me; there was no higher state of consciousness; there was no escape.

2019-06-10 9:28am
Dreamt of walking though a shopping mall with my father. "The Bank of South Africa just disappeared. I warned you to put your money into physical resources, but you insisted this could never happen. Everyone's money disappeared, and it's never coming back." Hundreds of Africans loitered and sat around the mall; one demanded money from my father; he started to pull out a dollar; I reprimanded him for being foolish and hurried him forward. I followed him outside to the car; we ended up on the other side of the complex; it became clear he had no idea where he was going.

2019-05-13 9:10pm
Dreamt three scamps snuck into a sewer; in succession, each spoke into the drainpipe above his head, "I'd like a bowl of soup, please," and held up a bowl. After a pause, a ladle's worth of soup poured down the drain, to be caught in the upraised bowl. Later, a fat man invited two fat friends to watch the finale of his favorite television show; the three men sprawled across couches, with blankets and chocolate-stained pillows; as they stared, the light from the screen grew dimmer and dimmer; dogs prowled nervously as the room grew darker and darker; finally, the three men were lulled asleep in the blackness, never to awaken.

2019-05-11 8:00pm
Dreamt of trying to drive a car full of people and luggage to an airport in an unfamiliar city; could not see the roads properly; almost drove off the side of a freeway overpass; finally pulled over in an unknown neighborhood, removed my tinted goggles, and gave up. A police officer arrived and conducted extensive background checks and laborious cognitive interviews on each person.

2019-05-04 7:10am
Dreamt two friends simultaneously, but independently, released song cycles: "The Damned" and "Hell RV". Upbeat songs with accompanying videos; one slowly panned in to a cardboard cut-out of a dog sitting on a busy thoroughfare. I had to release my own version to complete the trilogy.

2019-05-01 11:30am
Dreamt of discovering previously-unknown Infocom games in an underground thrift shop; shiny black dog-like creatures began pouring into the shop through an overhead air vent; fled to the surface to escape the "aliens".

2019-04-30 10:30am
Dreamt my jacket had been stolen from the back room of a large supermarket and replaced with ornate robes; wore them instead, wandered out; returned to back room, found a group of people wearing similar outfits; realized they were not human; fled as nonchalantly as possible. Later, awoke in a flying van of strangers as it landed in a desert town with barren red plateaus in the distance; the other eight or nine passengers, women, had the demeanor of strippers, or maybe cult members. Entered a local shop; tried to determine my location; shopkeeper dubiously claimed it was "Cyprus, Vermont".

2019-04-19 4:45pm
Dreamt an ex-girlfriend with three kids and a jealous ex-husband tried to re-enter my life. Later, dreamt of filling out paperwork at an office while idiot co-workers intruded upon my space and questioned my accuracy. If a personal Hell awaits, it will surely be filled with such intolerable mediocrity. This nightmare feels like a warning; I must resume work on my projects while I still can.

2019-03-15 6:00pm
Dreamt of an underground theme park, "Anhedonia and Subhedonia". Followed a group into the complex; the gate closed before I arrived; had to scale a wall to get inside. The neon-colored interior with black ceilings mimicked the shopping plaza of a small city, with vendors selling goods and wares, but all was the context for a live-action game.

2019-03-09 12:00pm
Dreamt that Trump supporters wore translucent-green t-shirts, carved of incredibly thin wood, which subsequently turned them gay.

2019-03-01 3:45am
Dreamt I infiltrated a black supremacist group (or maybe Antifa?) as they climbed a snowy mountain road hunting for resources. Genetically, they appeared half-European, half-African. Entered a long, cabin-style house; at one end, the group discovered a dead White man in a chair, and shot him; had they never seen a corpse before? I took the lead toward the other end of the cabin, and found a dead White man sprawled naked on his bed, perhaps from drug overdose. I carried a plastic handgun which dispensed candy, but no-one realized it was fake; I trained my weapon on the corpse to "clear" the room, then announced he was already dead; the group leader entered and sentenced the corpse to death for the crime of "systemic racism".

2019-02-28 7:45pm
Dreamt of swirling geometric lights in my doorway while a grey, gnarled hand in my bed reached toward me; I could not move; when the disembodied hand grabbed the back of my thigh, I was startled awake.

2019-02-23 6:00pm
Dreamt endlessly of electromagnetic filament loops connecting my brain to the Sun.

2019-02-21 3:00pm
Dreamt I was hired to locate a lost item for a factory; instead, discovered an unfinished Apollo mission theme park in a cave beneath the property. Walls of shelves held neatly-folded, unsold 1970's t-shirts, while the deeper reaches of the structure were flooded and inaccessible.

2019-02-09 10:00pm
Dreamt of an apartment complex in an underground city. Laying on the living room floor in the dark, I saw a silhouette move through the adjacent room. "There's someone in the house," I whispered to my companion. "I know," she whispered back. I woke up immediately.

2019-02-02 3:45pm
Dreamt of a massive shopping complex which extended underground for miles. Found the Japanese district, filled with Japanese people buying and selling Japanese goods. Later, discovered old sound modules in a thrift store; purchased two; both were named the Ensoniq "Forest", and were the size of a small mid-90's CPU; the 1993 model was black, with manufacturer stickers still attached; the larger 2001 model was silver and cream, with grey highlights. Never got to test them as power cables were not included.

2019-01-29 10:00am
Dreamt of an ornately-decorated house haunted by a phantom which looked like a tall pile of fancy fabrics from rugs, blankets and curtains. After exploring various rooms, it became clear that the phantom was not malevolent.

2019-01-24 2:45am
Dreamt of an artificial underground cave facility used for mind-control research. Dr. Jordan Peterson instructed participants to choose a poem from a textbook, after which they would receive an unknown injection. I disliked all the poems, refused to be vaccinated, and got yelled at.

2019-01-13 12:00pm
Dreamt of an empty concrete warehouse, with a door at the far end. Behind the door, short steps led down to an underground reservoir flowing past the platform. Flipped the light switch; the single bulb on the wall illuminated little. On the opposite side of the vast canal, two flashlights floated by in the darkness; who was over there?

2018-12-31 5:00pm
Dreamt I was hired to direct a play about the magnetic poles shifting; two weird, small girls showed up to audition, one with a fake moustache drawn on her face. Later, I wandered the empty mansion; disembodied breathing emanated from the walls; tried to flee, but the breathing followed me from room to room, getting louder; I turned to attack the source of the breathing, lunged, and was startled awake.

2018-12-30 4:30pm
Dreamt I secured a job; walked out of the building, realized certain requested papers were still in my pocket; turned around, and the offices were completely gone, replaced with typical mercantile storefronts.

2018-12-25 1:00pm
Dreamt I discovered the schematics for a 17' x 22' chamber called the "shoe", designed to preserve a human being in indefinite stasis.

2018-11-01 8:00pm
Dreamt a woman on a boat jumped into the ocean to drown, to preserve the honor of Japan; this happened over and over.

2018-10-30 7:00pm
Dreamt of screaming, irrational, angry mobs. A series of choices presented themselves over and over, but each new combination led to the chaotic cacophony of violent crowds. There was no escape from the mindless hordes.

2018-09-27 6:00am
Dreamt of an airplane flight to Britain; the seats were long benches facing inward, like a bus or train. I watched as a centipede crawled from the nostril of one distressed passenger. In Britain, I met a man who carried a wooden walking stick: the end was carved to a sharp point, and concealed with a rubber cap. He called this his "primary stick" as it was his only means of self-defense.

2018-09-23 11:43pm
Dreamt Hollywood music industry pop-star millionaires were seated at a long banquet table, on top of which lay an elongated, cooked human corpse: steaming, skinned and garnished. Assumed it was a music video, then realized there were no cameras, lights, or equipment in the room.

2018-09-22 10:00pm
Dreamt Bill Gates released the race-specific bioweapon. Concentric blisters appeared on my face, puffed up, and fell off as crusty spheres, alongside mild nausea; otherwise, I was unaffected.

2018-09-17 5:10pm
Dreamt a journalist was worried about his interview with a Satanist; I tried to reassure him with a bag of "All-American Cookies", then went back to lock up the car. A woman walking by transformed into a goat; shocked, I consecrated the cookies in the Lord's name and threw small handfuls at the goat, shouting, "The power of Christ compels you!" Frantic, the goat ran back and forth in the parking garage; another crew member caught and held it down, tried to feed it something. The goat looked at me with a human face and extended a human hand toward the cookies; I gave a small handful; hunched down, eying me suspiciously, the creature put its hand to its mouth and pretended to eat.

2018-09-01 9:00pm
Dreamt a relative's elderly parents passed away. She refused to call a mortician. I tried to persuade her, "You can't keep their bodies in your house; they belong in the cemetery." "NO!" she exclaimed in anger. "The cemetery is for people you don't care about!"

2018-08-24 12:00pm
Dreamt I was talking to someone, when something pricked my finger. Assumed it was a splinter, tried to extract it; the outer shell fragmented; it had arachnid legs; it kept burrowing deeper. Ran to the sink, tried to scrape the whole thing out; the small wound turned blue-grey; the flesh was rotting. Asked the other person to take me to the emergency room, as I did not trust myself to drive; the person did not take me seriously, and refused.

2018-07-24 2:00am
Dreamt an alien voice-activated search engine was gifted to humanity; everybody used it; I distrusted it. Drove a car recklessly around the enclosed courtyard of an apartment complex; jumped over the pool; upon landing, the entire vehicle transformed into sand.

2018-07-10 10:30am
Dreamt glittering grey volcanic ash filled a decorative pool in the center of the floor; knelt down, blew gently on the ashes, interpreted them, declared: "War is coming".

2018-07-02 10:30pm
Dreamt men came to the house and required everybody to register with their organization; a roommate was taken away for some infraction. Inspected their paperwork: they were not the government, but a religious organization. Told them their actions were un-Constitutional and anti-American, and they had no authority, but they didn't care.

2018-06-24 3:00pm
Dreamt a boy crashed his bike on a grassy hillside; I went over to help; he rolled over, a cyclops with a single blue eye centered on his face. He looked at me, said, "I hate you"; I replied, "Yeah, yeah, I hate you too, buddy," and had him move his arms and legs to make sure no bones were broken.

2018-05-01 5:00pm
Dreamt a group of malevolent ideological zealots held constant protests against reality itself. The demonstrations were their only source of identity and no amount of reason could dissuade them from their activities.

2018-04-17 3:00pm
Dreamt two UFO's navigated angular patterns in the night sky. One came very close to the ground and shined a warm beam of light upon me. I looked up, it was directly above. Wondered if I would be taken aboard the ship. Looked up again, and I was shown perfect geometric patterns. Woke up soon after.

2018-04-10 ???
Dreamt the stars began to form symmetrical lines in the night sky.

2018-02-17 8:00am
Dreamt of smoking a pipe, and in the process of smoking the tobacco, the pipe itself was slowly incinerated, until nothing remained in my hand but a crumbling cinder.

2018-02-04 3:50pm
Dreamt of a dark indoor amphitheatre with long rows of low seats; a stranger nuzzled her leg against mine; left my seat, took the stage, invited audience members to improvise an orchestra; handed out trombones and directed non-musicians to play dixieland jazz; improvised an entire play with random people. Later, drove around in an old pickup truck, sometimes as two people, sometimes as one. Later, an infamous tuxedo-clad entertainer crashed a large outdoor party; opened a wooden case; each of the eight partitions held a waxy yellow block; removed one, chewed it, it tasted like honey; sang loudly that he was more talented than the event's host. Once sufficient attention had been gained, he approached an Iranian-looking waiter and, arm around shoulder, began crooning loudly to him:
Oh, Negro
My poor gentle simple friend, Negro
Why do you weep when the leaves fall from trees?
Why does your wig slip away in the breeze?
Do you have an allergic reaction to wasabi?!"
At the operatic conclusion, the honey-block dissolved away; the entertainer stared, horrified, at the crowd; pants fallen around ankles, he scuttled away fast as he could, arms flailing like a toddler.

2018-02-01 1:30pm
Dreamt of a man who had messages of all languages written on his arm, including one written in a triangular language by Satan addressed to God.

2018-01-15 12:50pm
Dreamt of a secret facility in San Francisco where Hollywood directors and producers forced women to undergo abortions. Six beds lined up in parallel in a dim, narrow room; a book authored by a Rabbi sat on a nightstand; its contents mocked and derided motherhood, family, and women in general. A fat, balding, grotesque man with a whip entered, and tortured a young woman until she transformed into a mannequin.

2018-01-04 11:50pm
Dreamt I purchased a small, unassuming one-bedroom house for $20; it connected to a vast network of underground tunnels and chambers. Upstairs at the housewarming party, a blonde girl embraced me and would not let go; I carried her around and encountered an inebriated Alex Jones, who expressed disappointment that I had not applied myself fully to the war. I felt remorse.

2017-12-27 10:10am
Dreamt of a complex in the sunny red mountains of the desert; President Trump was set to speak; hundreds of thousands assembled outside excitedly. President Trump inspired the crowd with a rousing speech on human greatness, said there was much work yet to be done, then jogged up the rocky red mountainside to a small command center as the assembly cheered. The feeling of joy and hope was electric.

2017-11-26 6:30am
Dreamt a previously-unknown distant relation named Savannah released macabre music under the name "SAVDOARIP". Met Savannah and her boyfriend at my apartment, but the door was unlocked; inside, the smell of an intruder; back door was ajar, walked through; found a Native American guy working on a big stack of tires.

2017-11-01 3:45pm
Dreamt I was in a limousine with Michael Jackson. I was trying to sort through a pile of archaic memory cards and magnetic disks. Michael gave me a small canister of oxygen; I wore the face mask, but opened the valve too wide, blasting my face with the gas.

2017-10-31 3:00pm
Dreamt of a large hall with scores of people sitting at rows of tables. On an upper balcony, Adolf Hitler appeared and gave a short statement in German. Although I did not understand the words, I was deeply moved and was one of the few in attendance to applaud; people scowled at me.

2017-08-07 4:15am
Dreamt of an oceanic phenomena in which the entire shore is covered in seaweed overnight. I walked across the beach, which was a green squishy carpet of vegetation; a child's winning essay was displayed, in which she disproved a legend that the "night of green threads" was the result of a god pulling sea fairies to the surface by their hair; the process was gradual, she observed, and not violent at all.

2017-07-25 2:30pm
Dreamt of a musical performance in a tenement building where a performer had set up a tent. He instructed the audience to play the music, and I was given an electric ukelele. I strummed fake chords for quite a while, although it was difficult because the instrument was coated in a slippery oil.

2017-07-23 11:15am
Dreamt of touring with a successful band; did laundry on the day off. Tossed clothing from a duffel bag into a pile; removed my own decapitated head from the bag: cold to the touch, drained of all blood, the hair sparser than remembered. Became ill at almost having thrown it carelessly onto the ground. Slumped against a wall, hand over mouth, gagging, as my lifeless head lay next to that of a red-headed background singer. Wondered if I was in Hell.

2017-07-22 10:00am
Dreamt a ragged-looking black bird flew directly toward my face; I swatted it away with a towel; the impact produced a cloud of millions of mites which hung in the air, threatening to cover everything.

2017-07-15 2:30am
Dreamt I lived in Hell, with people from my past. Dirt from a potted plant had been spilt all over one of my keyboards; I complained loudly; a roommate's worthless friend said, "Shut up, Arthur," in an automatic way, clearly mimicking some movie or TV show. I drew close, put my hand on his leg, and said, "Don't make things worse for yourself, young lad." He moved back uncomfortably. I resolved to pack my equipment and move away, but then awoke, in black silence, feeling such relief to be living alone.

2017-07-11 9:45pm
Dreamt the death of Ronald McDonald caused the government to take possession of the body; a federal employee named William L. Debouis attached himself to the investigation, hoping to make his career, and distributed large promotional posters depicting himself with arms outstretched, like a motivational speaker. Debouis believed the death was an extra-terrestrial assassination and planned to write a book; many suspected he was schizophrenic. Debouis climbed over a boulder on the edge of a black chasm to reach the government mortuary; he took charge of the facility, and looked out across the vast moonlit lawn in the silent night; a single black cat sat a hundred yards away, watching him.

2017-04-14 5:40pm
Dreamt of a series of college lectures at which Jewish and black professors spoke of an oncoming catatonia, and why we should succumb to it; afterward, attendees remained seated, excitedly passing food across rows to each other. Elsewhere, young men held counter-lectures, hoping to raise an army to fight the catatonia via pro-white, pro-Christian humor. Outside, a pink, membranous bell rolled upon the ground; an insectoid limb popped out; the bell unfurled, fluttered away, and a body emerged, standing upright with a dog head, like Anubis. Wings extended, it took flight; a creature tore free from the pink membrane, landed on the ground: brown, furry, dog-shaped, its snout curled and too short, its eyes vaguely human. It followed me inside; although I felt wary, I gave it a bowl of water.

2017-03-11 6:40pm
Dreamt of musical data contained within a stable vapor which did not dissipate in the air.

2016-11-15 3:00pm
Dreamt of an advertisement for a government program which allowed parents to transfer their existing debts to their babies. "What's your newborn's current debt score? Sign up now for a free consultation!"

2016-11-13 11:20am
Dreamt of slogging down a wet, muddy road through hilly terrain; overcast, near dusk. Encountered Space Alien Donald, delighted to see him. He invited me to dinner at a house further down the mountain, suggested I buy a coat as it was going to rain, then continued on his way. I climbed stairs to a multi-level wooden structure attached to a hillside; found a warm black overcoat; spent too much time wandering through the shop. Darkness fell; realized I would have to trudge through muddy blackness, hoping to find the right house.

2016-09-26 9:00pm
Dreamt of walking with a friend; crowds suddenly flee, leaving the square empty. Confused, investigate: a dust storm looms above the horizon; large rocks rain from the sky, barely missing us; the front porch splinters as we run into a building; the ground lurches in upheaval, the building begins to collapse. Realize I will die moments after making this new friend.

2016-09-02 3:45pm
Dreamt I tossed an empty bottle into the trash, but missed: instead of shattering, the glass reshaped itself into a wide bucket upon impact. Walked across the street and down a staircase to visit a white, sandy beach; hidden amongst dark green aquatic plants near the shore were orange lobsters the size of alligators: pincers extended, they advanced in a slow way. Trotted back to concrete, but one followed menacingly until I hit it with a black accordion; as the creature retreated, the instrument began to adopt its form, turning red, growing limbs, and breathing heavily.

2016-07-11 12:45am
Dreamt I moved into a disused church, to escape a house defiled by cat vomit. Set up my music studio in the back, near confession booths; a wheelchair-bound veteran wanted to change clothes in the confessional, got angry that my equipment blocked his way. I apologized, moved some keyboards, but he made a point of writing me a "ticket" afterward. My father appeared, tried to convince me to leave; the caretaker priest appeared, bringing a cat.

2016-05-19 1:00am
Dreamt my life was a simulation, and that I am encased inside an asteroid floating in the belt.

2016-04-22 8:20am
Dreamt an African tribe worshiped a heretical deity called "Black Jesus" which walked on all-fours and behaved like an animal. The tribe slaughtered a village of Christian missionaries; I walked through the aftermath, where photographs from the victims' homes had been piled in the town center: they looked like typical, naive, well-meaning westerners.

2016-04-11 4:00am
Dreamt an angry force dragged me out of my bed and up toward the ceiling to destroy me. Later, dreamt a group of Indian men were trying to kill me.

2016-04-05 6:00pm
Dreamt two girls laughed at the crushed remains of a tarantula on the ground, then screamed when another ran freely across the floor. I turned to watch, but something touched my face, and then my arm was restrained; I realized the entire room was entangled in nearly invisible spider webs.

2016-03-06 7:00am
Dreamt I delivered a message, but the recipient was gone; her retarded son sat in the back room of the house, rocking back and forth, watching TV. The party in the backyard was swallowed up by the earth, which melted and re-solidified like plastic.

2016-03-05 11:00pm
Dreamt of a creature with a body like a pangolin, and a face like a maniacally-grinning reptilian koala; each time I was near, it jumped up to grapple onto my arm; I had to keep shaking it off. "What is this thing? Why is it here?" I shouted. "It's fine, stop worrying about it," insisted the parents. "Why is the white cat's fur matted with blood?" I demanded. "Why isn't the brown cat moving?"

2016-02-25 11:00am
Dreamt a slumped woman with long, unkempt hair stared vacantly, features reminiscent of fetal-alcohol-syndrome.  Barely responsive, I assumed she was mentally feeble; she stood suddenly, long, black, ridged legs bent backwards, ostrich-like, six claw appendages extending from each foot.  She rubbed against me while telling me to stop touching her, pressed her face close, stared intensely with neon-yellow cat eyes, slit pupils expanding and contracting wildly as she tried to communicate.

2015-09-03 11:45am
Dreamt of a creature, like a gnarled black panther with wings, which spoke in a deep voice:  "I am exactly what I appear to be.  If I bleed, I am cut; if I blister, I am burnt.  Wolves will pack, and wolves will pay."  It launched into the sky and flew away.

2015-07-19 5:40pm
Dreamt of composing music on a computer in an institutional setting.  An old woman in charge asked why I wasn't like the others, and began a series of psychological questions (example: "You want to purchase sound equipment, but [a list of three names] have prevented you from doing so. Explain why they did this."  My response: "If I want something, I obtain it; nobody can stop me."), an exercise so boring I fell asleep in my chair.  Dream-within-the-dream was hazy but I was vaguely aware of the old woman being reprimanded for making me fall asleep.  Awoke several hours later at 8:31pm, missed the bus home.  Awoke in real life; I had slept fourteen hours.

2015-07-03 7:00pm
Dreamt the experience of life is a recreation of humanity's highest point of technological achievement, right before its collapse.  The only option is to play the simulation to the end.

2015-06-23 4:00am
Dreamt of helping a band with sound engineering, when a wooden train arrived outside.  One car contained tightly-packed rows of passengers in strait-jackets; another contained people in individual cages.  Entered the first car, discovered no front wall, no engine; tracks sloped down steeply across green hills ahead.  I was expected to take this train; I refused.

2015-06-18 10:00pm
Dreamt I floated across the ground near a lake.  I knew I was asleep.  Only saw a vague grey outline of my immediate surroundings; reached down to scrape up handfuls of dirt.  Young women chattered nearby.  At the shore, picked up rocks and threw them into the water; the girls were frightened by the commotion.  Awoke.

2015-06-17 8:00pm
Dreamt I was a creature clad in an all-white bodysuit, white canvas bags slung over my shoulders, face covered by a primitive, animal-like white mask.  Waited at a busy crosswalk, on the edge of periphery; nobody noticed me.  Panic seized me as I recalled two bodies left unattended to rot in a certain building; terrified the smell would expose my activities, I dashed across the street, dodging traffic.  Ran down a corridor, fumbling with keys, detecting a faint odor ahead.  Awoke suddenly from the intensity.

2015-06-01 12:30am
Dreamt of a rack of dogs' faces sold as a delicacy in a Chinese market.  They looked like thin, red, floppy masks.

2015-04-14 8:45am
Dreamt the usual scenario of traversing labyrinthine, warehouse-sized buildings and complexes, but with a terrible sense of urgency.

2015-03-17 5:00am
Dreamt of a book of wit with interchangeable phrases, each combination making a different observation.  The author was said to be the 21'st century Oscar Wilde.

2015-02-13 4:15am
Dreamt of a cramped, rickety elevator that never returned, at the top of a hotel built like a sports arena, with cavernous hollow spaces and endless rows of stairs.  Eventually found the lobby, which resembled an abandoned store front, did laundry, went outside; a blind, dog-like creature howled in a low, guttural octave, sensed me, crossed the street growling, paced slowly around me; I went back inside, shut the glass door.  A faint, iridescent humanoid outline, on the periphery of vision, stalked me menacingly; exasperated, I walked directly into the form, demanding it either do something or vanish.  Awoke, could still see an afterimage of its face as I stared at the wall in darkness.

2015-02-02 2:45pm
Dreamt of a concert at a railroad crossing.  Asked a band member if a train came.  "It did!  We had to drag our amps and equipment off the tracks.  A busload of fans afraid to fly showed up; we thought they'd be dull, but they were totally into it, they were awesome!"  Prepared to perform; two detectives brandishing strands of pink wire burst in, threatened arrest; I pushed them back outside.

2015-01-30 5:15am
Dreamt of a wooden house adrift in the ocean.  We tried to seal the doors and windows, but water kept leaking in.  A brain, translucent like a jellyfish, floated inside; we swept it out.  A corpse resembling melted chocolate floated in; maroon, withered organs protruded from its abdomen; it stood to attack, I hit it with a shovel; it collapsed into a pile of grass clippings, festering with plump pink grubs.

2015-01-27 7:30am
Dreamt of a dust storm on a gray, overcast day.  Prepared to leave the house to gather supplies; donned a long, Matrix-style coat; but instead of black vinyl, it was made entirely of light-brown corduroy.

2015-01-11 3:00am
Dreamt a group of African children played a baseball-like game while their mothers yelled encouragement; the only equipment was fistfuls of weeds.  A boy rested his unnaturally large head on concrete steps.  Asked if he was having fun; he replied "yes" in a guilty tone.  The bridge of his nose was missing and his eyes, surrounded by grey tissue and set deeply inside, peered out at me, as if his head were a mask.

2015-01-05 8:30pm
Dreamt of being attacked by autistic teens.  At a store, a scruffy-haired boy ran up and mashed his wet, snotty face against my coat.  Later at a restaurant, a different boy bit my shoulder; I yelled at him and his father, who offered feeble defenses rather than apologies.  Walking home, a third boy jabbed me in the ribs with an I.D. card, and just stood there, staring expectantly; I broke the card in half and left.

2015-01-05 1:30am
Dreamt a behemoth creature encircled the Earth: like a metallic octopus, immeasurably long tendrils extended from its skull-body to influence or punish with electrical impulses.  Godlike, it controlled all human activity.

2014-12-27 10:40am
Dreamt of retreat to a lush backyard garden.  Foliage hung from above, all sides walled by bushes and trees.  Two men in olive-grey hazmat suits appeared, dragged a hose from a tank truck, and fumigated everything with a chemical mist.  The air became too caustic to breathe.

2014-12-18 1:45am
Dreamt a rattlesnake flung itself repeatedly to attack, twirling and spiraling in mid-air like a whip; startled awake with a gasp.  Later, dreamt a disheveled raptor with preternaturally intense eyes swooped after me, finally landing on my arm; when I pushed it away, my sleeve was crawling with hundreds of ticks, mites, and other parasites; startled awake again.

2014-12-04 8:00am
Dreamt eight cops chased a group of young people who held puppies or wore "Adopt-A-Puppy Day" t-shirts.  The cops encircled, then restrained them with black hoods and wrist-ties.  I tasered one cop in the neck and unhooded his victim to help free the others; but he was too fearful to move.

2014-11-18 12:00pm
Dreamt of helping a young lady find clues to her father's identity.  We swam to the bottom of the ocean, but did not have the energy to resurface.  Breaths held, I would have to carry her across the ocean floor back to shore, assuming I did not drown.

2014-11-11 1:10am
Dreamt of a lottery worth millions, whose entry fee was enlistment in Hell's army; people filled the streets to buy a ticket.  On a distant building, an enormous eye called to me, with a message of love; but I could not push through the crowds.

2014-10-29 6:45am
Dreamt of pumpkins growing in an artificial riverbed.  The Author appeared and threatened to write us out of existence; I mocked him, singing into a phone receiver.  People prepared Halloween costumes;  some declared angrily that zombies have five distinct genders which must be acknowledged.  A girl with golden face-paint asked of my holiday plans: solitude, as always.

2014-10-26 3:00am
Dreamt I was a guest in the home of strangers. A crusty old man lit an odiferous cigar in the yellowed front room. In the cluttered kitchen, I used a small hose to fill a rusted tea kettle. A blonde girl acted flirty, I was coldly polite. The television loudly advertised a mechanical/animal hybrid. "I didn't know cars had a uterus!" exclaimed an old woman. I felt trapped in an endless game.

2014-10-17 1:00pm
Dreamt of a massive transportation terminal of concrete and steel.  A map showed routes across North America.  The continent was smaller, coastal edges eroded or submerged, Florida gone, Baja California mostly missing.  Boundaries had been redefined; in the south was a territory called "Freedom America" shaped like a miniature United States.

2014-10-13 6:40am
Dreamt of sick, unresponsive humans, slumped in dark hallways of a dilapidated building.  Blackened capillaries colored their sallow skin.  I trod past silently.  Awoke briefly with the feeling of being watched.

Two nights in a row, awoke suddenly in darkness, fully conscious, with the sensation of being observed, or that I was not alone.  In each case, a flashlight revealed nothing, and I returned to sleep after a few minutes.

2014-07-24 5:00pm (?)
Dreamt of an overcast sky out the kitchen window.  An explosion, like a lightning bolt, deafened and paralyzed me; the view outside changed to a million electrical points of light, cascading like raindrops.  "I am dying," my mind raced, as my body fell slowly backwards.  "So this is how it feels.  How pointless it all was."  Time froze; I struggled against it.  I awoke; my skin tingled with the memory of the charge.

2014-07-19 3:30pm
Dreamt eight people knocked at my door, carrying cameras and equipment like an amateur forensics team.  Reluctant, I only answered because they would not leave.  All were of exceedingly average intelligence; the leader asked if I knew a certain woman.  I had never heard of her.  He said she was missing and a computer analysis of his dreams told him to investigate my house.  He demanded to search inside.  I refused.  The rabble immediately accused me of hiding something.  I said only an idiot thinks today's primitive technology can download dreams, and told them in no polite terms to leave the property.  I closed the door, but one continued peering in the windows with a telescope.

2014-06-23 5:50am
Dreamt I met, through hacker friends, the individuals responsible for the Max Headroom pirate broadcast of 1987.  Their apartment, spacious but filled with equipment, was coated in a decaying yellow crust; the unit was isolated from the normal flow of time, and they lived as fugitives; a pervasive insanity hung about the place.  I burnt myself on a machine used to manufacture huge glass lenses.  They paid me with a stack of currency, coupons, and adverts, all dating from the 1970's.

2014-06 ?
three distinct dreams, but can only recall the first, in which I entered a rocket with members of Babymetal and was launched into the sky.  The sensation was quite terrifying, and I shouted with laughter, "I hope we don't die!"

2014-06-04 3:30am
Dreamt I climbed out a pit to find myself on a vast desert plain.  A row of compounds stretched in front of me.  One had an ark; a man wanted to show it to me in pride, but a barbarian group stole it.

2014-05-23 1:00pm
Dreamt of a compound leader who controlled the residents with nonsensical therapies involving baking and drawing; his methods unquestioned, each participant gradually vanished, absorbed by him.  I wandered the empty premises: cupboards and counter-tops overflowed with poorly baked cookies and pancakes, and piles of childish, angry doodles were scattered everywhere.

2014-05-23 8:40am
Dreamt a man stood upon a frozen gutter, absentmindedly hitting it with a stick while describing his terminal illness.  "The transplant might be successful, I feel good, I feel real positive," he said.  The ice gave way, and the current beneath swept him down the road.  I gave chase, and once his bloodied body came to rest, I smashed the ice to drag him up; he was surprisingly light.  A woman exclaimed, "He's dead!"

2014-05-22 10:00am
Dreamt of a colossal Mayan pyramid which dwarfed the modern city huddled at its base.  The top began to spew molten gold, like a volcano, and I knew the city would be lost.

2014-05-09 4:00pm
Dreamt Nazi memorabilia had been added to my online auctions; other tenants had shared the connection.  Those responsible, genetic engineers, offered fruit in apology: a two-foot-long orange wedge, giant plums, and an enormous profusion they called "The Master Grapes".

2014-05-08 3:30pm
Dreamt of attending an idol performance at an amusement park.  Sakura Gakuin performed "Pumpkin Parade"; afterward, I met Marina-chan and she broke into tears, telling me her parents forbade her from living in her own apartment.

2014-04-30 5:30am
Dreamt a snowmobile dragged us down empty roads to a cavernous glass building.  Inside, 200 people made breakfast and prepared to work.  I needed new shoes, went outside to city streets.  Looked to my compass, but the needle detached.  Found a boot factory, hoped for vegan shoes.  The proprietor told me, "All the stars are visible if you look hard enough; the youngest ones have the highest rates of suicide."  Inside, shelves of vintage Asian records spanned the walls of the vast showroom; the floor itself empty, except for a few chairs.

2014-04-08 8:00pm
Dreamt of exploring a non-human area.  Found two oversized, baby-blue baseball caps: a device inside the front rim allowed the wearer to phase-shift.  We held hands to avoid losing each other, shifted phase; visible colors dulled or became more pronounced; we walked past others undetected.  Later, dreamt of an unknown band, the singer repeated this chorus:
"Feel me, pray me, wear me, baby
Lemon dress and matches
The mask that stays the longest
Is the summertime of life"

2014-04-07 7:00pm
Dreamt that Mars and Mercury were as close as the Moon in the night sky, the three aligned in a wide isosceles triangle.  Mars' surface was primarily blue ocean, with a single large continent.

I've neglected my dream log, but I will recount one experience:  A week or two ago, I briefly awoke to see a dull red light shining on the opposite wall; the glow was one to two feet in diameter, illuminating part of a bookshelf and poster.  I dismissed it as a computer LED and fell back asleep.  Yet, no device in my room casts a red circular light.

2014-02-14 3:00am
Dreamt of filming a mythological story.  I played a god who cut himself to pieces.  With a sword, I sliced off my left arm, then the left third of my torso, then the right.  Unable to sever my right arm, I asked the cinematographer for help.  He was horrified and fled the studio.

2014-02-09 8:00pm
Dreamt of a spider perched motionless upon a towel rack, its legs spanning sixteen inches from left to right.  It watched me, night after night, its position slightly altered each morning.  Spiders are normally caught in a cup and released outside, but a cardboard box would be needed, so I ignored it; yet, I began to worry what it was feeding upon...

2014-02-07 10:20pm
Dreamt of pursuing a man through convoluted, empty urban streets at night.  He climbed down a hatch at the base of a massive freeway column to an opulent lair, an underground mansion.  The architecture expanded or contracted, depending on whether a room was occupied or empty.  Later, wandered a white-grey complex full of inscrutable puzzles: in one room, rows of cattle stood with messages on their backs.  People wore advanced spectacles, wandered labyrinthine corridors; an advanced, encapsulated society lacking certain primitive components, at once superior and inhuman.

2014-01-20 12:20am
Dreamt of a sandy cave, near the ocean.  A man sat in a rusted bathtub, threatening suicide, while I and two others tried to dissuade him.  A girl knelt in front of the tub to open a wooden box; snakes slithered forth onto the ground; shouts and chaos ensued; in his panic, the man leapt from the tub, forgetting all else.

2014-01-10 4:15am
Dreamt of navigating labyrinthine corridors of a condemned college to attend a gymnasium battle; got bored and left; smuggled something past security guards.  But then this Cat entered the dream and hopped on my lap.  He was the most perfect Cat: every mannerism, movement, and reaction was perfectly executed; all who saw him were captivated .  He was all colors: grey, orange, black, tabby.  The dream rambled on, a Star Wars nerd argued in a classroom, but the Cat had my full attention.  When I awoke, the room was unusually warm, although it is 19F outside.  I felt like a Cat God had visited me.

2013-12-16 7:45am
Dreamt I filmed a music video.  Inexplicably, while reviewing the footage, George W. Bush could be seen loitering or walking through every scene.  Earlier, dreamt I was a car passenger on a snowy, unlit road.  An overturned carriage appeared; the driver swerved left, drove off a mountainside; the car plummeted upside-down; I was startled awake.  Earlier, dreamt I was director of a lunatic asylum.  Disheveled, elderly people in pajamas barked and clawed at me, as I made my rounds.

2013-12-25 1:00am
Dreamt of visiting an artist friend.  He handed me a spiral binder of his artwork.  Vegetable stir-fry was nestled between the pages; I ate as I browsed.

2013-12-23 9:00pm
Dreamt of floating down a dark, narrow river.  Grey scenery, except for a distant smattering of vivid red and orange leaves.  Learned my pets had been given away; raced back upstream until the foliage became houses; floated through unlit living rooms.  Earlier, dreamt of wandering a vast, decrepit shopping mall.  A child wrapped its arms around me; I asked its guardian to remove him, but the woman, stout, half-bearded, merely stared up at me, mouth agape, like an animal.  Pried off the child, examined the family: a tall, stooping man, one arm unnaturally long; an inbred couple with wide, distorted faces; several others.  I made my escape.

2013-12-05 1:45am
Dreamt of school.  Bored, I wandered away.  Wore a military coat, drew on large eyebrows and a moustache, looked like a toy soldier.  Marched the outskirts with a staff, confused people.  Saw a ceramic teapot in a tree, full of dirty rainwater.  Returned to the assembly.  Someone bounded up to me, said she liked my lecture, asked if I would give another.  I said yes; she hugged me.  Shocked by the sensation, which has been long forgotten.

2013-12-02 9:20pm
Dreamt my belongings was taken and never returned at an airport.  At the boarding gate, asked companions when their luggage had been given back; no one would respond.  Returned to the stairwell, found a gaping hole in the floor.  Circumnavigated through an atrium, halfway across it became pitch black.  Finally exited, trapped outside; climbed the steep sidewalk.  Successively encountered three delusional old men in pink t-shirts: cult missionaries.

2013-12-01 8:00pm
Dreamt of an enormous, vacated shopping mall, with a dozen inhabitants.  Vast areas had been converted to communal showers, able to facilitate hundreds at once.  Found previously-unknown Infocom games.

2013-11-30 7:00pm
Dreamt of a dilapidated luxury hotel populated with people and robots.  The robots: stole my musical instruments; abducted me in the blackness of a theatre; emptied my bank account; tried to kill me; prevented me from leaving the endless labyrinth of rooms and corridors.

2013-11-20 5:00am
Dreamt of reconciliation with my former love.  Drug use had destroyed her personality beyond recognition: sarcastic, brash, unintelligent, thoughtless.  Horrified at the terrible loss, I pressed a pillow to my face, and screamed and screamed endlessly.  Awoke startled.

2013-11-05 8:30am
Dreamt I left Earth to walk upon the color-encrusted rings of a remote planet.  Distances were vast and hard to fathom.  Massive orange clouds churned below.  Threw a piece of brittle rock; it sailed forever.

2013-10-05 2:30pm
Dreamt of biking down narrow, sloping corridors at night.  Down one ramp, turn the corner, down the next, like a mountainside path.  Walls made only one path visible at a time; I could not see what lay waiting below.  The bike deflated and became useless; not just the tires, but the entire frame.

2013-09-06 11:45pm
Dreamt of wandering a vast, mostly vacated shopping mall.  One of the few stores had shelves full of books and old software.  Excited to see numerous Infocom games, I inspected several titles and told a friend: "These games aren't real.  See this one?  It was never released.  This is all a dream."

2013-08-26 10:30am
Dreamt of three off-shore casinos: bright, gaudy hotels floating on the sea.  Watched them submerge; clearly, a gimmick to lure tourists to an undersea gambling experience.  To my surprise, dilapidated ruins rose in their place, like abandoned strip-malls.  Floated across the water to investigate, wandered around a wet parking lot.  A thug appeared, intimated he would steal my levitation apparatus; I floated quickly toward the water.  His girlfriend tried to block me; both gave chase; I reached the water in time and heard a satisfying splash as they tumbled off the edge.

2013-08-25 11:30am
Dreamt I visited a friend from childhood who had grown so eccentric, he was nearly impossible to communicate with.  He lived in a dark, crumbling maze of a house with his mother and extended family, as well as tenants; everybody seemed crazy.  To complicate matters, his father passed away as I arrived, making him more withdrawn and consumed by funeral arrangements.

2013-08-24 8:30am
Dreamt of a stone mansion filled with banquet halls.  Scores of giant grey grubs crawled around, about 1.5' tall by 3' long.  Platters of food everywhere; I quickly ate, then set the trays on the floor to distract the grubs.  Later, dreamt I recorded two albums, the "accessible" one inexplicably plagiarized the drumbeat from "Whip It".

2013-08-23 6:27am
Dreamt I was in a shabby, dilapidated seaside cottage at night.  The room was pentagonal or hexagonal,  lit by candles and dim yellow lamps.  People lay sleeping upon chairs and chaise lounge sofas.  A yellow plastic bag lay on the floor, filled with ash.  As I sifted through the contents, I discovered charred bone fragments from an infant.

2013-08-20 2:27am
Dreamt of driving with a family in search of farmland, escaping climatic and economic collapse.  A forest developed: twisted grey trunks with faded pink canopy, shrouded in spider web.  High up, spherical nests of leaves, occupants hidden.  Treetops brushed dim fluorescent ceiling lights; we were in a massive underground complex!  Tiny white moths filled the air.  Then, I saw one: hanging upside down, turned away eating, was a fuzzy grey creature, like a koala with folded bat wings.

2013-08-19 12:27am
Dreams were horrible last night.  Static images appeared repeatedly--- no action, no movement, no three-dimensional space, just a series of images.  Sickly-yellow squares.  Vague outlines of faces.  Over and over.  Tossed and turned all night, woke up many times.

2013-08-09 5:08am - 12:55pm
Dreamt four doll faces surrounded me in darkness.  Individual personalities, subtle communication.  Tension increased as one glared furiously at me, then began to roar; I awoke startled, disoriented.  Later, dreamt of searching cluttered thrift store shelves for Infocom games (a common scenario), when the proprietor was attacked by a crate of empty wine bottles.  I asked how this was possible; he explained they simply threw themselves at him.  The bottles rattled in their crate as I passed by.  Later, dreamt a friend inherited a castle-like mansion; a band performed in the main chamber as he confessed visiting a strip club, although he is married.  There were at least two more dreams...

2013-08-06 11:00am
Dreamt my nose was severed while men played dice; a painful crimson hole remained.  Face bandaged, I moved into a dusty shack in a corn field.  Three people followed, we all slept on the floor.  Pointed a rescue beacon toward the heavens, to no response.  The woman I loved called, suggested we start over, but what could I offer in my destitute failure?

2013-08-04 8:00am
Dreamt a music producer abandoned his success, obsessed with a frightening, unlistenable ideal.  Poor and alone, he moved to an underground apartment.  While shopping, a small girl suggested he buy a balloon.  He politely declined; she asked, "What if the balloon came to life?"  The musician pondered the ramifications.

2013-07-31 1:10am
Dreamt of escaping on roads which looped back to the point of origin; of being stung by bees; of doors which I could not pass through.  Dreams of late have been trite; I only have myself to blame.

2013-07-08 1:00am
Dreamt I engaged the world in a meaningful way and rediscovered my love of music.  A blue-green comet was visible in the daylight, its tail stretching halfway across the sky.

2013-06-28 11:20am
Dreamt my art collective awaited payment for our performance.  From the back room of the exhibition hall, we were led down steep metal steps into a sub-basement, ushered through a conical cement corridor, and once the tapering funnel constricted any further movement, we were sealed in and left to die.

2013-06-14 6:00pm
Dreamt the Earth shifted across the galaxy, to orbit a giant planet. All water siphoned into space, leaving the sky bright and overcast. At a supermarket, all bottled water had been looted; a few opened sugar drinks remained. Sandwiches had been made, partially eaten, and abandoned on one shelf. Back home, the mists cleared; an enormous desert planet filled the sky, yellow-beige with brown and orange variations. Wondered if my military relatives could gain entry to Cheyenne Mountain, and perhaps live 40 years longer than the rest of us.

2013-06-13 6:35pm
Dreamt mariachi music was the new international standard of measurement. I owned a trumpet and became an engineer.

2013-06-12 10:30am
Dreamt of pursuing a young saboteur. We found an abandoned property where he lived; everywhere, small doors lead to corridors, contorted rooms, and crawlspaces; many to dead ends. In this labyrinth we discovered his bedroom; bureau drawers were filled with rows of stolen, packaged clothing, and a large CD collection of bland, aggressive music. A black neglige was discovered beneath his mattress; everybody laughed.

2013-06-12 9:20am
Dreamt of collecting packages from the waves at a darkened shore. Summoned for a new task, we returned to a dim shack to change clothes. From a panel behind the bed, creatures began to scurry around our feet: enraged, decomposing possums and otters, one vaguely duck-like. We sprayed poison upon their faces; hissing and squealing, frothing jaws wildly agape, they looked up, demanding more.

2013-06-04 6:20am
Dreamt I read an autobiography by the last surviving member of a telepathic race. Two family photographs were tucked between the pages like bookmarks. Closer examination revealed the author present in the photos. Had this copy previously belonged to the author or his family?

2013-06-03 6:25am
Dreamt a TSA agent refused to let me on an airplane because my blood glucose levels were too high. This was somehow measured, without my consent, by a woman at a desk far behind the ticket counter. Tried to explain I had just eaten two bananas, to no avail.

2013-06-02 1:20am
Dreamt I had to commit suicide. Dressed as a portly, balding businessman, I searched for a tall building in a public plaza. With much fanfare, a woman unveiled a mural of her face upon her art gallery, to a crowd of twelve. I realized, had I brought a gun, I could have added my brains to this gaudy image. A superhuman bronze statue began to move; laboriously, it hoisted a boulder from its foundation, launched it toward the gallery. Methodically it catapulted more; one crashed into the steel and glass gazebo I was inside. As I retreated, a boulder fell near two shocked pedestrians who had not been paying attention to the commotion.

2013-02-19 8:48pm
Dreamt I was given a flavorless cake while being assured "it's your favorite".  Felt dizzy, tried to escape, awoke in a bedroom from childhood, still within the dream.  Startled awake by a terrible malevolent whispering coming from the ceiling.  Lept from bed to turn on the lights, still feel disoriented...

2013-02-11 2:08pm
Dreamt a waltz, over and over and over.  Slept too long, awoke light-headed and dizzy.  The endless melody is now only a vague wisp of memory...

2013-02-09 11:30am
Dreamt a girl trio performed music atop a grassy knoll.  Couldn't determine if their instruments were out-of-tune or if they were playing complex microtonal chords, but the music was wonderful.  They teased me: "Why aren't you dancing?  You're just sitting there thinking, in the thinker's corner."  I replied, "Life is nothing but thought!"

Dreamt a colossal Mongol warrior in heavy black armor attacked me.  Startled awake, I could still see his towering, wispy form stalking across my room, disintegrating with each step into nothingness.  Later, dreamt of a house floating upon a lake, which ripped asunder and began to flood, with no escape.  Later still, dreamt a man choked to death, three stories below; I raced down flights of stairs, my task being to inject applesauce into his lungs to revive him.

Was awoken at 3:36am by a two-toned chime; against at 6:38am by the voices of a man and woman:
"This is all yours, huh?"
"Yep, it's all mine."
Of course, nobody was in the house. Dreams become strange and intrusive as I dive into music.

2012-12-30 11:30pm
Dreamt of an insect whose shape and texture resembled a pretzel stick.  He was adapted to live undetected amongst bread products.

2012-12-24 5:30am
Dreamt of an abandoned factory with a white cube in the center.  "Machine's broken again," said the technician, removing the top panel to expose a pulsating mass of intestines.  "I hate this part," he confessed, plunging his arm deep into the glistening organs.  "It's so tightly packed, you can't see the problem, so you just have to reach in and figure it out."  Later, I was forced to duel at a shooting range.  Refused to use a gun, instead played cassettes of obnoxious music to force my opponent's surrender.  Lastly, She appeared, dressed in black, her face perfectly framed in the hooded garment she wore, so pale she was glowing.  We talked briefly, then said goodbye.

2012-12-18 2:00am
Dreamt numerous cats played with an octopus, became infected with a green ooze.  The cats wandered around the living room, which consisted of furniture arranged in a forest at night.  My father reclined in an armchair, reading a newspaper.  I coughed up green slime, realized the cats were contagious.  I sang to my father, in 3/4 time, "Har... poe's... Disease!"

2012-12-10 9:00am
Dreamt of a vicious hound with teeth at both ends.  As it snarled at me, it lifted its tail to reveal a second set of ravenous jaws.

2012-12-04 6:20am
Dreamt a roommate asked me to leave, claiming I owned too many things and caused him to miss celebrating Mother's Day.  Confused, I examined a bureau filled with papers, linens, objects, boxes stacked atop.  Decided to leave immediately.  Packed everything, suddenly became a car passenger.  The driver threw himself onto the highway; I took control of the car and avoided crashing.  Wandered through a chain-link labyrinth of college sports courts, struggling to retain armfuls of childhood possessions.  Toy dinosaurs and obsidian rocks fell from my grasp.

2012-11-23 4:00pm
Dreamt of three giant cat heads, made of snow.  I was part of a group, escorting something precious.  We were accosted twice by rivals who tried to abduct our charge.  One in particular focused on me, changed into a beast to attack me, later turned invisible.  I remained vigilant, unafraid.

2012-11-18 12:40pm
Dreamt of performing services for lost entities by helping them make logical transitions.  The logic was not applicable to the waking world, but was rational in the dream realm.  Felt I had dreamt this dream several times in the past.

2012-11-08 10:30pm
Dreamt of driving with my father.  He picked up two hitchhikers; inexplicably, they drove while we sat in back.  They had stolen something of value under the facade of noble goals.  My father was shot; I hacked open the assailant's throat with a scalpel, to no effect; their cohorts lounged, immune to my attacks.  Gradually realized my senses were unreliable; what I experienced was not real.  How could I escape, if my sensory information was incorrect?  I could not even count tiles on the floor to mark my progress.

2012-11-05 4:00pm
Dreamt of being chased through an abandoned concrete facility by Nazi demolitionists.  Trapped in a public shower room, we transformed into chihuahuas and scampered past our confused assailants to freedom.

2012-10-17 6:00pm
Dreamt a mouse scurried across the courtyard of a derelict tenement, wiggled into the building's facade.  A black dog, like a giant australian shepherd, carried a duffel bag in its maw; it nodded hello as it passed.  Its owner, associated with law enforcement, demanded to know what I was doing, then excavated mud from a disused fountain.  Overturned dirt clods revealed two massive toads, each easily weighing 200 pounds.  Later, I viewed the stars through frosted crystal binoculars, and was shocked to discover one small pattern, repeated endlessly, accounted for the entire celestial panorama.

2012-10-15 4:45pm
Dreamt of innumerable snakes, both dead and alive, concealed amongst brown grass.  Traversed the field by levitating above it.  Later, dreamt a black tarantula crawled in my bed; I awoke startled and threw the covers from my body.  Resumed sleep, dreamt of a fallen city where vagrants with guns occupied an abandoned school.

2012-09-27 8:15am
Dreamt I met Fen Rawls, a 110-year-old writer, poet and cartoonist.  His spacious, well-kept apartment resided in an otherwise dilapidated building.  His work fascinated me.  One comic strip character wore a painted burlap sack on his head.  I was surprised such a concept received national syndication.  Afterward, I attended an open-air concert; the orchestra played a light pop conglomeration of "Celebrate Good Times" and "Happy Birthday".  The stadium seats doubled as toilets; some had collapsed, revealing cobweb-strewn concrete shafts twisting a hundred feet below.

2012-09-26 5:10am
Dreamt of a toy called "Little Bandito," a sad hobo clown statue whose only feature was the ability to generate a random series of high-pitched electronic tones in rapid succession. Its smaller counterpart "Little Bandito Junior" was particularly shrill and unpleasant.

2012-09-21 8:53pm
Dreamt I was electrocuted while laying in bed.  There was a loud buzzing noise.  I could not move, but managed to toss pennies against the wall while emitting a series of stifled "help" sounds.  I awoke, startled.  I felt the dream was triggered by external noise.  I searched the empty house, hammer in hand,  checking every room and closet.  No explanation; back to sleep.

2012-08-02 5:00pm
Dreamt of a subterranean research facility.  Dimly-lit concrete tunnels snaked around a large cylindrical chamber housing a scientist and his artificial intelligence construct.  Both were suspended in air, physically disconnected from the facility and its researchers; a small platform had to be extended to deliver tools, meals, or documents.  The A.I. requested its capacity be increased from the 300's to the 3,000,000's, and the scientist agreed.

2012-07-03 3:00pm
Dreamt a tall woodland creature approached me indoors.  It resembled an alpaca, with fur of a deer.  Its high voice spoke quickly: "Help".  I asked what was wrong.  "Danger," it said.  I looked out the window; a wild boar aggressively circled a fawn.  I asked if the boar was threatening its child; it said yes.  With bow and quiver, I set out to persuade the boar to leave.  An arrow would only be used if words failed.

2012-05-28 5:00am
Dreamt of a funeral motorcade of black limousines, but in place of a hearse was a glossy black moving van.

2012-05-25 3:00am
Dreamt I discovered a forgotten Nourishment video from 2004.  Shocked at how good it was, I realized with deep regret it was not a product of my own history.  I am the failure variant of myself; in some alternate timeline the successful version lives a richly creative and rewarding existence.

2012-05-22 11:45pm
Dreamt a pop singer's hit song had the power to drive listeners insane.  The banned single became highly sought-after.  I listened and temporarily lost the ability to interface with physical space.  Meanwhile, a rotund black guy who resembled the high-strung police chief from a dozen 80's cop movies kept urging me to return to the spaceship before it left without me.

2012-05-19 7:00pm
Dreamt of inheriting a condemned mansion.  Rotten wooden panels concealed stockpiles of silver utensils.  Distant relatives inhabited the crumbling manse, their demeanor vaguely threatening.  The architecture was non-linear, rooms suspended in space, unconnected to other rooms.  We rode small roller-coaster cars to traverse the expansive, faded yellow and green interior.

2012-05-18 3:00pm
Dreamt I could not complete a grocery shopping transaction without filling out a long and tedious survey on a touch-screen monitor at the check-out.  Refused to participate, loudly and with ridicule, until the cashier relented and deactivated the survey.

2012-05-08 9:30am
Dreamt of a towering metal lattice (like the Eiffel Tower) with strings strung between all exposed beams, tuned to a microtonal scale.  The entire structure could be played as a musical instrument as one ascended to the top.

2012-05-04 7:00am
Dreamt an engaged couple fled a constant undefined menace.  Driving through lonely roads, corn stalks and weeds attacked their car.  On a mountain side, four snowmen stood waiting.  The couple fled across the ocean, balanced upon low-flying sea birds.  They sought refuge at the home of the groom's parents, who disapproved of the bride; in a careless moment, she was kidnapped by a group of men outside.

2012-04-27 6:00pm
Dreamt the entertainment industry resented the success of a popular independent comedian, and sought to drive him insane by orchestrating the appearance and disappearance of objects and people.

2012-04-17 11:15am
Dreamt of two judges who systematically sentenced every member of their resort community to death; once everyone was gone, they sentenced each other to death, as well as the executioner, whose sentence was promptly commuted to life imprisonment so as to complete his work.
Dreamt of infiltrating a cult, where I was instructed to inject a syringe into the leader, although I never did.  Rode along crumbling highways which sloped at extreme angles in a bus-like vehicle.

2012-04-15 9:30am
Dreamt I was given a rust-colored stone.  Vivid, sandy red hues appeared as I washed it off.  With hydration its surface gradually became mutable, plastic, even slippery.  I set it down; it opened like a clam to reveal quivering, rocky internal organs brought to life.  The organic rock was immediately stolen, and I spent the remainder of the dream searching unsuccessfully for it.

2012-04-13 8:00am
Dreamt of a goth new-wave artist's concert.  Sparsely attended, seats only a quarter filled, the audience pushed their chairs closer to the stage, leaving a considerable gap of bare floor between myself and the assemblage.  After his hit song, the singer sang about cats, then allowed audience members to each make one cat-related statement.  I visited the men's restroom: littered with debris, shattered porcelain, stall doors naught but tattered, filthy towels hanging across a string.  As both genders wandered in and out, I decided to try the considerably cleaner women's restroom.  I carried a doll.  A woman with an eastern European accent asked if I was prepared for future encounters with greedy, debaucherous people.

2012-03-30 8:30am
Dreamt a singer told me of her sad early life as we sat upon chairs stacked four or five high.  Imprisoned as a child, a guard stole her only blanket to trade with someone for a piece of meat.  Yet, she endured and forged a life for herself.

2012-03-22 8:40am
Dreamt I was a super-hero, with a respirator mask that was sometimes, inexplicably, a vegetable sandwich pressed against my face.  The process of putting on the costume was unnecessarily complicated, and nothing was accomplished.

2012-03-20 5:30am
Dreamt a Roman-style palace crumbled beneath my feet, massive granite blocks and marble pillars plunging into a black void.  A friend descended with them.

2012-03-19 9:30am
Dreamt all people exist in a personalized capsule, able to interact with others, but required to return to their space of origin.

2012-03-12 4:20pm
Dreamt my house filled with exotic insects, graceful green and brown wings like brittle dried leaves.  Tried gently to place them outside; there were too many.  In the front room a yellow and black banded snake slithered beneath a shelf.  In the backyard, a group of young boys hid, peeking into neighbors' windows.  I stared at them, they glared back defiantly.  I thought to pelt them with pennies from the windowsill, but realized the coins were far too antiquated to throw away.

2012-03-11 6:00pm
Dreamt of drawing my "Forever Lost" symbol on doors and floors in green chalk, as a ward against evil, while being pursued through a series of tunnels.  Had many dreams for many hours, an endless adventure.

2012-03-06 2:45pm
Dreamt black spots appeared on the Moon, expanding gradually, like ink soaking into paper.  Something unseen had impacted the Moon, set off a chain reaction of heat; all the ice melted, the watery Moon turned blue, began to split apart like a cell dividing.  Realizing the consequences, we ran to a hotel as the moisture reached Earth in a torrential rain; from high above, we watched as green waves flooded the streets, never receding.  Rats appeared from crevices in the floor, seeking dry ground.  We were trapped for days in the hotel suites, relying on food we could find within its confines.

2012-03-03 10:00am
Dreamt a neighbor made a superficial effort to be friends; eventually he showed up with another guy and tried to photograph me for a prison ID photo.  The situation was dubious, I refused; the two became angry; I fled, raced down apartment stairs, out the complex.  My childhood dog helped lead the way, leaping over wooden fences into backyards.
Also:  Dreamt of a party where a semi-famous musician played a recording of himself reciting prose.  Dreamt of chatting online with a friend.  Dreamt of discussing a rare LP with a record store owner.  Dreamt a cheese product was a British metaphor for breaking up a banking monopoly; an imposing stone building stood before me with two elevators in the front.  Dreamt at least one other longer dream which I cannot recall.

2012-03-02 10:30am
Dreamt I was forced to attend a government-sponsored class.  The instructor was one hour late, addressed me as if she already knew me, and failed to teach anything.  A woman seated behind me extended a pair of tiny scissors to cut my hair.  I told her to stop.  She tried it a second time; I reprimanded her never to touch me.  She giggled the whole time.  A man defended her with the misplaced macho bravado often exhibited by the unintelligent.  He ranted about god and tried to debate my atheism.  I refused to participate.  A friend attended the class; he wore neo-lederhosen and a cube on his head, each surface divided into four white and maroon squares, his face painted to match.

2012-03-01 12:00pm
Dreamt of shopping at a thrift store housed in a large warehouse.  A shelf had a multitude of accordions but other customers grabbed them before I had a chance.

2012-02-29 10:00am
Dreamt I was the only guest in a hotel.  Designed to appear functional, I realized the other rooms were empty.  A woman, supposedly another guest, emerged from the room next to mine; after she descended the stairs I opened her door to reveal a disused bathroom.  It was all a facade.

2012-02-28 10:30am
Dreamt I attended a party of 1960's stereotypes--- surfers, flower children, beatniks, mod kids, girls with bouffant hairstyles.  A down-on-his-luck accordionist was making a film; he misplaced all of his funding; he fell onto, and crushed, his editing equipment; his film ended abruptly with no resolution; he was evicted from his own party.  A new group took over and painted the walls green, with pink and yellow flowers.

2012-02-27 12:00pm
Dreamt of shopping for ink, driving around twisted roads, meeting people... although it looked predominantly surreal, and I can still feel undefined details clawing at me from foggy memory, it ultimately felt mundane and useless--- a perfect portrait of my waking life.

2012-02-23 8:00am
Dreamt of filming a music video for my character Charles B.  At night, we drove to a disused lab filled with neon-green IBM computers from the 1980's.  Charles wore silver pants and said he envied Weird Al for "scoring such a hot babe" in the movie "UHF".  Later, filming was interrupted when a white pickup truck, fleeing the police, decided to hide in the lab garage.

2012-02-22 8:00am
Dreamt of a convalescent home where significant memories of each patient were indexed on the wall.

2012-02-13 7:15pm
Dreamt a man's body was ripped apart as he stepped into heavy city traffic.  His insides were orange and putrefied.  Firemen threw their coats from a moving vehicle and leapt after them to inspect the scene.  I walked into the night, and a ship with a thousand windows appeared above me in the sky.  It would take me aboard if I established a connection.

2012-02-11 4:00pm
Dreamt a ghost lifted piles of books and magazines to reorganize them.  Eventually I could see the ghost: a cantankerous, bearded old black man.  Two neighbor girls rode outside on a circular swing-set, like a carnival ride, they kept spinning closer and closer to the window.

2012-02-09 3:00pm
Dreamt I was on a grounded spaceship with large, simple controls.  Later I was in the garage of a house; a retarded girl started running up the driveway; I opened a dirty crate and pulled out a filthy batman costume, covered in dust and bug carapaces.  Later still I was watching karaoke VCD's in a small messy room...

2012-02-08 2:00pm
Dreamt I met S.K. Thoth at one of his outdoor Prayformances.  He recognized me and made a little comment about me being a "Man Of Visions".  A popular website encouraged users to print and send a "science fiction story" to the government as a form of protest.  The printout was a large ASCII graphic, with the actual "story" being three sentences in a box at the bottom.  The computer printer malfunctioned; I picked it up and oil poured out of it, covering my clothes.  Someone said, "Better wash it out quick before it hardens; that's eel oil."

2012-02-07 3:30pm
Dreamt I lived in a convoluted boarding house of thin corridors and numerous rooms.  Explored my closet, found about a dozen clock-radios on the floor displaying different times, and a silent monochrome television showing a film.  Switched off the power strips, thinking it a pointless waste of energy.  Received a pet, a blue beetle-like creature.  It crawled with startling speed and nipped at my fingertips when held.  A dour woman entered the room to reactivate the devices in the closet.

2012-02-05 2:15pm
Dreamt a man with a hook for a hand tried to attack me.  I pulled the hook from his sleeve and it was attached to a cable.  I looped the cable around and tied it into a knot; his body became little more than a metallic hoop wearing a beige trench-coat.  I carried him through dusty yellow streets looking for a place to suspend him.  I considered hanging him from a street lamp, but realized he might fall to his death; I decided to toss him over a street sign so that he would be trapped, but unharmed.

2012-02-04 1:40pm
Dreamt of retail stores and stranges' houses.  Mundanity.   Cannot remember the earlier dreams.

2012-02-02 1:30pm
Dreamt of visiting a bookstore in search of tomes on Magical Daoism.  The titles in the shop were barely visible until I turned on the lights.  Large, familiar books were available only as thin, elongated pamphlets.

2012-01-31 8:40am
Dreamt of shopping with a friend who was contained inside a portable grey electronic box with a black and white LCD screen.  As I carried the box through a record store, we laughed about having both had dreams of finding a particular album.  Another friend had legal business with her ex, in a court room, where he nonchalantly confessed to murder.  "Exactly how many people have you killed?" asked the judge, as I laid down on the floor out of boredom.  "Four or five, but you wouldn't be interested in that, it was a long time ago," replied the ex.  "I'm VERY interested," insisted the judge.  After her ex was hauled away in chains, I asked my friend if she were okay; thoroughly shaken by the events, her body had taken on the proportions of a fat, middle-aged man.  She gave a disjointed response about wanting to go home to bed as she walked away.

2012-01-30 9:00am
Dreamt a man became impulsively engaged to a flighty and childish woman.  Her parents took her everywhere and her shoes were always untied.  The man found strange artistic photos of the woman posing nude underwater with a man.  It was her brother, a water spirit.  She was a wind spirit and fluttered away as quickly as she had appeared.  A funeral procession of children marched down the sidewalk of a neighborhood overgrown with vegetation, to mourn the death of a tiny animal; it was thrown into the pond of a front yard, in the hope it would be reborn.

2012-01-29 7:00am
Dreamt I lived in a modest cottage in perpetual dusk.  Three feeble-minded men, one with a tracheotomy, invited themselves into my house; I knew them, they had a key.  Told them I was too busy to hang out, they left.  I set about locking all the windows and doors, and returned to find them sitting in the front room again, insisting to know why I was too busy.  I demanded the key back from the leader, told them they were imposing, and ushered them out.

2012-01-28 6:00am
Dreamt of a college campus controlled by a cult which worshiped a whimsical and immature girl.  It was perpetual night as I wandered the dimly lit walkways and corridors.  Students were hostile to my suggestions of independent thought.  I prepared to move off-campus, but the cult influence extended to the town, so I resolved to leave completely.  Gasoline had been siphoned from my car to prevent my departure, but I managed to push it down a hill and start the engine while it was coasting.

2012-01-27 3:45am
Dreamt I attended a taping of "The Daily Show," and the host John Stewart ended the episode by flying off into the sky in his chair.  The crowd claped wildly and afterwards everyone left to attend a party.  I stayed behind in the empty studio.

2012-01-24 2:00pm
Dreamt my home was a dusty, disused lecture hall; cold air seeped through broken window screens.

2012-01-23 9:00pm
Dreamt I was in a large warehouse-style shopping center, where an autonomous machine sorted eggs with robotic appendages.  Forklifts sped around, excited about their intelligent new coworker.

2012-01-22 7:00pm
Dreamt my travels were prevented by rain and flooding.  I lodged in a featureless white rental property.  The world's smallest bird hopped onto the table and chirped; we gave it a spinach leaf, which it hopped along from tip to stem, taking occasional bites.  In the process, the bird transformed into a tiny child, she looked about six and wore a poofy white dress like a flower girl.  She was still impossibly small, and amused herself by playing inside a CD booklet.

2012-01-21 4:50pm
Dreamt of a photograph which depicted all possible human experience.

2012-01-20 6:00pm
Slept 12 or 13 hours, many dreams, nothing significant.  Dreamt I found Infocom games for sale at a shop.  Dreamt I was at an unknown house with unknown people, engaging in typical mediocre behaviour.  I am starting to see a trend--- extended sleep seems to produce uninteresting dreams.

2012-01-19 1:00pm
Dreamt of Bernard Herrmann operas that don't exist.

2012-01-18 4:50pm
Slept for nearly twelve hours; had many dreams, cannot remember any poignant or interesting details.  Alas...

2012-01-17 3:45pm
Dreamt I was in a crowded, filthy city.  Companions insisted we patronize a certain taco shop; the menu offered forty varieties, all filled with meats, organs, eyes.  Knew they couldn't make vegan food, so I walked outside.  Sakura in the distance, went to investigate.  Found myself in a green park, away from the filth, at a sakura festival.  Ladies had dyed their hair lovely shades of soft pink to match the sakura blossoms.  Was given an instructional pamphlet on writing, continued walking, the trees were no longer cherry trees, but oak trees with pale pink leaves.  Boarded a ship, steep bleachers on the left, an arena on the right.  The crowd watched intently, all I could see through the fence was a lion walking past.  Continued up a staircase to disembark.  Passed a fat man in a baker's outfit laid on a stretcher.  Paralyzed, he clutched a utility blade in one hand.  Told him many people had taught themselves to move again; he became enraged, tried to stab me.  I walked away.  The dream became trite as someone approached and said, "Captain, there's been another murder on board."

2012-01-17 10:00am
Dreamt a woman wanted to kiss me, I complied, felt absolutely nothing inside.  The floor of the room was infested with small alligators.  I had to travel atop furniture to avoid them.

2012-01-16 2:30pm
Dreamt I was at a resort house in China.  In the distance, military aircraft hoisted and inflated an enormous, billowing, tube-shaped object in the sky.  We braved the unstable ceramic tiles of our roof to obtain a better view.  It had structural shapes on top, and was said to be a floating city, although presumably a decoy rather than functional.

2012-01-15 3:00pm
Dreamt several dramatic scenarios, with no genuinely memorable details.  All felt deriviative of movies I've been watching lately ("Endless Night", "Twisted Nerve").  Alas...

2012-01-14 3:15pm
Dreamt of many long road trips to strange towns.  An old woman baked ravioli in the shape of baby foetuses, and sculpted cucumbers into tiny godzillas.  A friend edited a video of a show I could not remember having performed.  It ended with a ventriloquist whose secret was a moist pink gland on his neck, below his shirt collar, which could speak on its own.

2012-01-13 11:40am
Dreamt I was on an expansive college campus while missiles flew across the night sky.  Airplanes dropping bombs collided into rockets.  I ran inside to announce the world was ending.  Everybody ran out to watch the explosions.  Back inside, we prepared survival kits (backpacks, warm clothes, food), discarding useless items (textbooks).  I had a frock coat, vest, and sweater, but regretted my lack of greatcoat or watch cloak.  Wandered across the devastated city and found myself at the house of friends.  Sat to watch a film, and a heavy black animal jumped into my lap; judging by its eyes, I thought it an owl, but it was a cat, like a miniature panther, with a cartoonishly sculpted chin.  A young lady rested her head on my shoulder for an instant, then ran away.  I ate a sheet of screen-printed art from college.  My hosts asked if I wanted another, and showed me a screen press in the kitchen.  I poured paint and made a fresh copy, and took a bite; it was disgusting.

2012-01-12 10:30am
Dreamt I entered a trousers shop, two young men ahead of me, one wearing stilts (or three-foot platform shoes).  They ignored the proprietor's salesmanship to ridicule trophies for sale in a display case.  The man on stilts returned to his limousine, and the dream became a graphic novel, told from the viewpoint of two dwarves who were his indentured servants.  Smartly dressed in three-piece suits and driving caps (like Hollywood actors from 1928), a series of pages depicted them in identical poses, large grins on their faces, but sections of their moustaches had fallen off with each passing season to illustrate the hardships they endured.

2012-01-11 9:00am
Dreamt of people living in a school building, its many identical rooms furnished with desks or beds.  I could not interact, but simply wander.  Eventually the young people rioted; an unreleased soundtrack had been composed for the event.

2012-01-10 10:00am
Dreamt of a building which combined a children's library and a college dormitory.  Artists lived there and used it as a performance space.  I listened to their music, but I had heard it all before.  I looked at their installation pieces and plays, but none of it moved me.  As I explored the rooms and corridors, various inebriated artists approached: one invited me to participate; another wanted to argue; a third tried to flirt with me.  I longed for intellectual stimulation and just wanted to leave.  Children were seated on the floor reading books in the children's library section, while artists made musical noise further inside. It was strung with lights, amateur art and fanciful refuse. It was no actual location I've ever been to. Some people I knew, others I did not.

2012-01-10 4:45am
Dreamt of film scores which surpass the quality of the films for which they were composed.

2012-01-09 7:00am
Dreamt a man received threating letters and photos taken inside his house.  The culprit turned out to be his chair.
Dreamt at least four other dreams which I did not record in time.  They were fairly mediocre but involved severed heads.

2012-01-08 8:40am
Dreamt of performing much computer work during the apocalypse.  The survivors were referred to as the "Fine" or "Best".  I was in a sheltered and religious community, like Utah, for much of it.  Fanciful surroundings, but ultimately surfing the internet.  A mundane dream.

2012-01-08 1:30am
Dreamt I possessed photographs of the thirty survivors of the forthcoming apocalypse, and tried in vain to look them up online.

2012-01-07 6:40am
Dreamt I was in a hotel room, shopping online, then fending off computer viruses.  After hours of this mundanity, aliens attacked.  Ships fell from orbit and began harvesting humans for food.  On board one vessel, an alien who looked like an asian man in a red dress and blonde wig was seated at a console.  The aliens had not yet mastered the ability to emulate humans.  A human was to be tortured with a fear-inducing machine; a debate erupted as to whether or not the aliens knew true fear; they resolved it by skiing down extremely steep slopes in the snowy interior of their ship.  I think such unimaginative dreaming represents a genuine lack of creativity.

2012-01-07 1:30am
Dreams were methodical and repetitive.  As if I dreamt about shopping or doing computer work.  Mundane.

2012-01-06 5:40am
Dreamt my favorite Chinese singers had recorded Satanic albums in their youth.  It seemed ridiculous.  I toured the secret Satanism temple, it was like a karaoke room, good sound system, soft lighting, dark wood paneling, red couches built into the walls, much more tastefully decorated than the Christian temple, which was white and dirty like a public bathroom.
Earlier, dreamt a large aircraft crashed into a luxury resort.  Bodies everywhere.  Survivors began forming tribes, looting, shooting darts at each other.  The darts were fluorescent orange, yellow, and green, like a children's toy, but the men shooting them were deadly serious, expressions of rage on their faces.
Earlier, dreamt my parents were staying at a facility with very strict rules.  I noticed Infocom games which never existed ("Moonmist 2", "Bozbar's Christmas," etc.) beneath a coffee table .  Later, both my parents and the games disappeared.

2012-01-05 7:10pm
Dreamt I was at a girl's house.  It was like a large, elongated living room.  Light switches everywhere.  Tree in the middle of the room with cat-sized, multi-colored reptiles resting on the branches.  They had hippo-like faces.  Girl kept turning off lights and leaving room; I kept trying to turn them back on, but none of the switches worked.

2012-01-05 6:10am
Slept for 13 hours, extensive dreaming.  Perilous dream at midnight, details lost.  Most recently dreamt of organizing a rally of people in a parade square at night.  In darkness, we searched for lamps; I ended up in my parents' room from childhood, them asleep in bed, a stranger leaving their bathroom; ultimately utilized movie-screen sized TVs which happened to flank all sides of the parade ground.  I thought I would address the assembled ranks, but the thousands were lined up to buy donuts.  I went to the front, they were mostly sold out.  Drove to my "usual" donut shop which was sold out, continued east to discover the unfamiliar "Ma & Pa Donuts".  Inside the tiny shop, the proprietor appeared from the back, wearing a skin-tight tuxedo, bow tie, derby hat, and neatly trimmed beard.  "An apple fritter please," I said, and attempting to pronounce a chocolate-covered donut, "and an aberzaberhofter...".  The proprietor finished the word, looked me over and said, "Did I ever tell you that when I came to Earth, I taught myself to drink and make those t-shirts?"  He pointed to a series of framed photos on the wall depicting a Bavarian man inspecting the underside of cattle.  "Uh, no," I laughed.  New customers entered.  On the counter was a nearly empty roll of toilet paper, its ends covered with adhesive tape, as if something were stored inside.

2012-01-03 10:15pm
Dreamt I was touring an underground facility with four people.  We descended deep into the complex via elevator.  Halfway down, the elevator stopped and the car began filling with water.  Fearful, people tried pressing buttons, banging on the walls, opening the doors, shouting for help, all to no avail.  The car submerged completely and I floated to the top.  The remaining oxygen was collected in small pockets in the paneled metal ceiling.  I pressed my face against the ceiling to take shallow breaths.  The other four people were underwater, I was the only one moving.  I wondered if I was surviving on air that had escaped from their lungs, and if it was pure carbon dioxide.  I tried using the emergency intercom.  I took a final breath and cried out, "I don't mind dying but I didn't want such a pointless death!  I had wanted to make a difference before I died!"  Mechanical sounds reverberated and the elevator lurched back to life.  We began to ascend and the water drained away.  Somehow, everyone survived.

Dreams were mechanical, like a systematic process.  Nothing notable.

2012-01-01 6:15pm
Dreamt I flew through a grocery store, a musician's daughter sold rare copies of her father's albums. 90 right turn, produce section, four shabby soy ice creams without lids, I ask a clerk why; he shrugs, says more are in back. 90 right turn, outside on an elevated walkway, nighttime, notice a glowing " phono cable to the left down below, it keeps changing color, how pretty. 90 right turn, shallow indoor pool, people seated upon cushions floating on the surface. I sit upon one and meet my sister. Shrieks begin to fill the air as venomous snakes are systematically dropped onto each cushion. The murky water harbors snakes and each cushion contains a snake. The crowd panics. I try to maneuver the cushions of my sister and myself to the concrete edge of the pool to escape. Two snakes writhe around my bare feet and I start shouting. I know they will bite me. For a moment, I consider placing a non-venomous snake on the cushion to distract them, but decline for fear it would be harmed. The room is filled with screaming. I cannot maneuver the cushions without stepping into the water. I awake terrified there is a rattlesnake in my bed. There is not.

2012-01-01 7:30am
Dreamt a woman lured me into a motor home and tried (unsuccessfully) to seduce me; she did succeed in simply kidnapping me, by locking the doors and driving away. I remained calm and awaited a chance for escape. On the freeway, I suggested an off-ramp which I thought I recognized; it turned out to be a white gravel road, simply terminating at the base of a large concrete overpass. A policeman at the end of the road chased his agitated horse, trying to calm it; as we disembarked the horse galloped wildly, and we sought refuge in a hollowed-out building. The horse's spindly front legs resembled a spider's, and as it approached I pushed an overturned wooden table against the empty doorway. It nimbly climbed over the table, and in place of hooves were folded, almost prehensile, furry feelers. Its muzzle was less elongated than a normal horse. It kept extending its feelers toward me; I avoided it and ran from the building. It followed me, prancing about on two legs, an expression of madness on its flattened face, trying to touch me with its dangling feelers. As I awoke, my skin felt cold and numb in the many places it had tried to poke and prod me.

Dreamt a song so intense and frightening, it startled me awake. Spent the last two hours trying to record it. I neglected to write down the lyrics quickly enough, and they are now lost. The only line I recall is, "Put skin on a soul and call it a man". The song had something to do with murder, or preventing murder...

Dreamt I was flying over the melted remnants of Antarctica. Warm green waters with numerous scattered rocks jutting above the surface. I decended to a particular island, and was shocked to find a man-made memorial just beneath the surface. I wiped the algae away to reveal a stout granite block with a metallic plaque affixed to the front, a portrait of a man engraved on its surface, some text commemorating him. Frozen through time, it had not been thawed long enough to disintegrate. Who was he...?

Tonight I dreamt of an alien encounter. Staring at the stars, a certain constellation developed white lines between the glowing points, forming a sort of bisected square. A channel of communication opened, through which my consciousness accelerated. In blackness, I was acutely aware of another intelligence regarding me with cold curiosity. I had anticipated the sheer terror, and was therefore able to overcome it through reason. I managed to communicate one sentiment: "Hello, I want to learn." I was quickly sent back, as if I had just made an interdimensional prank phone call. I awoke.

As a child, I made a sacred pact to become an eccentric genius when I grew up. Although the eccentricity is in full force, I must admit the latter quality is rather lacking. Tonight is one of those rare moments when I "awaken," cognizant of the unproductive mess of my life. It is painful revelation. In my unreasonable autonomy I have blazed no trail, but rather dug a trench, from which I cannot climb out.

After all this, I entered the kitchen to brew tea, and found a fantastic praying mantis on the window screen.
[2023 EDIT: The "intelligence" looked like a giant praying mantis. No idea why I did not specify this in the original dream entry.]

So many nightmares... I dreamt a woman fell from a building and the rescue party I tried to assemble just wanted to watch funny internet videos... and there was a nameless madness revolving around the non-4/4 songs I've been composing... kept waking up startled and trying to sleep again...

My first memory is a nightmare. Muppets leaned over my crib to harass me one night. It was terrifying, but suddenly they were gone, I was crying, and my mother picked me up. I wanted to tell her what happened, but being an infant, I could not speak. The experience has always stayed with me. At age 4, I had multiple recurring nightmares: I would try to wake up, and each time I opened my eyes, the wallpaper in my room would be a different pattern. I would discover a Pink Cookie Monster in my doorway, hide under the covers, peek out to see if it was gone, only to have its face an inch away from me, and this shock would send me falling down an endless spiral void. I would sense something outside my room and walk out to see the corridor filled with blinding light, and the adjacent hallway filled with impenetrable darkness. I would step toward the light, become afraid, and flee into the blackness, where time slowed down as I ran. I had this dream many times; I'm not sure if I ever entered the light; I remember it had a physical sensation to it, like an intense vibration. At age 15, I dreamt of a teacher being unreasonably angry with me, which was deeply disconcerting when this premonition came true, as I could remember the dream while it played out in front of me in real life. At age 20, I returned home from a year-long failed relationship and had nightmares every night for six months. My recording "Forever Lost" describes the architecture of my dream-world. I dream every time I sleep, but rarely write it down, because there is a lot of redundancy: wandering through cavernous buildings with crooked passageways, doorways halfway off the ground, everything empty and abandoned. As in life, I mostly wander through dreams alone like a ghost. Another album, "The Thesis Of Inhumanity," features dreams, such as a description of a rock-textured creature running out of a crater on the Moon, or an enigmatic dialogue: "Are you the Fifth Lake?" / "I am the Sixth Lake." / "The Sixth?!" In the dream, I had this discussion with a lake; I had been searching for the Fifth Lake, and had no idea a Sixth existed. The revelation startled me awake. I regard dream experiences as equally valid to those of the waking world. They can be recalled with the clarity of "real life" memories, especially if written down and remembered often.

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